Today, a large asteroid will fly past Earth

Today, at a distance of about 113 thousand kilometers from Earth, a small asteroid the size of a bus will fly by.

The scientists assigned the asteroid name 2018DV1, its diameter is about seven meters. For the first time this object was discovered by specialists using the Mount Lemmon telescope in American Arizona. In this state at the Tenagra Observatory, scientists plan to monitor the movement of the asteroid with a 41-cm space telescope.

March 2, approximately 12-30 am American time (this is 20-30 Moscow time) on the Internet will be broadcast the image of the telescope, which will allow scientists and amateurs to observe the motion of the cosmic body.

For the first time this asteroid was seen on Monday, February 26, also by specialists from the Center for Minor Planets at Cambridge in the US state of Massachusetts. NASA hastened to reassure citizens, saying that this type of asteroids is not dangerous for our planet. Although the agency noted that any object flying near the Earth, still can carry some potential danger for our planet.

It should be recalled that last Sunday at a distance of about 315 thousand kilometers from the Earth flew an asteroid, which scientists named the 2018DU. On March 7 this year, at a distance of about 1.4 million kilometers from Earth, a large asteroid with a diameter of up to 470 meters will fly by. It was called the 2017VR12.

NASA recalled that on February 5, asteroid 2002AJ129, the diameter of which reached 1.2 kilometers, flew at a distance from the Earth to 4.2 million kilometers. And in mid-December last year, approximately 10.3 million kilometers from Earth flew asteroid Phaethon in diameter of six kilometers.

Approximately at the same distance, the same asteroid flew near the Earth in 1974, the next time it will fly near our planet is oriented in mid-December 2093. However, NASA does not see any potential threats of collision of such asteroids with the Earth’s surface. But the department notes that the observation of such space bodies will continue in any case.

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