Today a powerful geomagnetic storm may fall on Earth

A powerful solar storm can fall on our planet on March 19. Such a forecast is provided immediately by several organizations monitoring solar activity.

A stream of particles escaped through an opening that is present on a sunny surface. Although the threat may be serious, some researchers have already stated that this is a small stream of solar winds, and there will be no consequences other than the auroras near the Arctic Circle.

Auroras appear when a magnetic shield surrounding the Earth comes into contact with solar winds, which leads to the display of lights in the interaction of charged particles.

Other researchers have noted that the effects of the solar storm can occur on a large scale. The increased activity of particles, which is affected by solar winds, can increase the temperature in the upper atmosphere. These phenomena can also affect satellites and the distribution of satellite, radio and GPS signals throughout the planet.

A burst of particles can also increase the intensity of currents present in the magnetosphere, which leads to more electricity in power lines. In this case, power plants and electric transformers can be overloaded, which will lead to a massive blackout, which will be difficult to fix.

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