Today, scientists will announce an astronomical phenomenon that has never been recorded before

On Monday, October 16, at the headquarters in Garching (Germany), the specialists of the European Southern Observatory will hold a press conference at which they will announce the unique results of their new observations. This is an astronomical phenomenon that has never been recorded before. With the conclusions of scientists, the public will be personally acquainted with the general director of the European Southern Observatory Javier Barcons (Xavier Barcons). At the moment, he is in the Chilean-based Paranal Observatory, owned by ESO.

According to the data provided by the Institute of Space Research (RAS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it will be a result of which the LIGO / Virgo gravitational-wave observatories, the space observatories Integral and Fermi, together with the terrestrial telescopes working in coordination with them, have joined forces. The scientists of IKI RAS are the co-authors of this discovery.

The list of guests is extremely extensive. The press conference will be attended by researchers representing a variety of organizations, in particular Roskosmos, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the European Space Agency and the space agencies of European countries. Specialists from a number of Russian institutes and universities, as well as experts from the rocket and space industry were announced.

In parallel to the press conference in Garching, there will be other press conferences in Germany, the USA, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Argentina, Australia, South Africa.

Media employees who want to attend the conference are required to fill out an online form, where they undertake not to publish any materials on the opening, before the event itself, where the details will be announced. It is reported that after the start of the press conference, press releases will be available in several languages, in addition, extensive audio and video materials will be presented.

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