Today the powerful magnetic storm will fall upon Earth

On Monday inhabitants of Earth should endure one of the most powerful magnetic storms in 2016. Tell data of the TESIS portal about it.

Indignation of a magnetosphere of the planet for the first time for many months will reach the G3 level that corresponds to a strong storm.

The storm, according to scientists, will last three days, gradually decreasing to the level of weak.

Geomagnetic indignations of a terrestrial magnetosphere depend on activity of the atmosphere of the Sun. The human body is capable to respond of magnetic storms headaches, sleeplessness, weakness, pressure jumps and violations of work of cardiovascular system. In such time chronic diseases become aggravated and the general health worsens. Indignation of a magnetosphere is capable to cause failures in work of systems of satellite navigation, a hindrance in broadcasting and different types of communication.

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