Tomorrow, an impressive asteroid will fly past Earth

A huge asteroid will fly by next to our planet on July 11 or a few days later. This was told in the Ufa observatory.
One of the specialists Vladilen Sanakoev reported that the asteroid MC4 with a diameter of about 250 meters is moving rapidly toward the Earth at a speed of 75 thousand kilometers per hour.
However, scientists believe that the cause for panic is not yet – our planet is not on the trajectory of the cosmic body, writes ToDay News Ufa. The maximum approach of the asteroid is 2.9 million kilometers, which is approximately equal to 8 distances from Earth to the Moon,
According to experts, if such an asteroid falls to Earth, it is able to completely destroy life on it. Other scientists argue that, according to the astrophysical scale, an asteroid of this diameter can cause disruption maximum within the borders of one country.

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