TRAPPIST-1: Exoplanetary Harmony

The TRAPPIST-1 system is located 40 light years from the Sun. It consists of a red dwarf, around which at least seven earth-like exoplanets are addressed. Three of them are located in the so-called. Habitability zone. At the same time, the distance between the orbit of the outermost and closest to the planet’s star does not exceed 7 million kilometers.

A group of Canadian astrophysicists attempted to answer the question of how such a tightly “packaged” system can maintain stability. According to their conclusions, the whole point is that the planets gradually migrated to the current orbits, and at the same time they were in resonance – the periods of revolution of the planets around the star correlate as integers.

In the research process, scientists also managed to create a “musical theme” TRAPPIST-1. Each orbit has been assigned a note whose frequency is related to the period of revolution of the planet around the star. When the inner planet overtakes the outer one, a beat sounds into the drum. The result was a real melody TRAPPIST-1.

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