Two Russian satellites will observe the Sun

Two satellites, the kubbath, will be observed behind the Sun. One of them will be above the illuminated side of the Earth.

A new approach will make it possible to reduce the cost of launching and reduce the time to launch into orbit. Kubsat – ultra-small satellites of less than a cubic meter in size – can be taken out to low Earth orbit, and they do not require too much fuel to start them.

Kubsat within the project “Yarilo” will be launched from the Russian segment of the ISS. Then, using a solar sail, they will be divorced by an angle of 140 °. Using spectrophotometers they will record changes in solar activity in the x-ray range. The duration of the project is 3.5 years. At the end of this time minisatellites will be removed from orbit.

“Yarilo” will be the first in Russia instrument of continuous observation of the Sun. Kubsat will transmit information to the Earth 3-4 times a day. The project is handled by the staff of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University together with the Lebedev Physical Institute.

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