Unique picture of the Milky Way from NASA

On the unique composite photo published by the agency the NGC 6357 area is visible. In a picture it is visible how the radiation of young hot stars generates clouds of cold gas.

This image managed to be received by “addition” of X-ray pictures of different space observatories. Violet color – observatories of Chandra and ROSAT; orange color – infrared pictures of the Spitzer telescope; blue color – optical data of the UKIRT telescope (United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope).

NGC 6357 – the area of the Milky Way located at distance about 5500 light years from Earth. This space region is “a cluster of clusters” as supports several groups of young stars, hot, bright and massive.

In infrared pictures hundreds of heat dot sources which young stars, and the radiation of hot gas are are visible.
Cluster (English cluster — a congestion, a swarm) — combining of several uniform elements which can be considered as independent unit

Also the picture shows cavities which were formed as a result of explosion of supernew.

Similar NGC 6357 areas astronomers call “HII” (H2) because of formation of a cloud of ionization hydrogen.

X-ray orbiting observatory of Chandra. (Photo: Public Domain)
For a study of this mysterious area astronomers use Chandra (Chandra) – the space observatory launched by NASA in 1999 for space research in the X-ray range. Initially schedulable period of operation of this station was five years, but because of outstanding results of operation the decision to prolong operation for 15 years was made.

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