US Air Force warned about the fall of the Russian satellite to Earth

The inoperative Russian Earth observation satellite Monitor-E will enter the atmosphere over the Indian Ocean tomorrow.

This follows from the US Air Force data from the site, where information about more than 46 thousand objects launched into space, the parameters of their orbit and the events associated with them, are published in the open mode.

According to the US military, Monitor-E, which is in orbit with a minimum altitude of 188 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 196 kilometers, at 06:43 (Moscow time) on September 22 will be released at 7.5 degrees south latitude and 74.9 degrees east longitude …

The satellite with a launch mass of 750 kilograms was launched in August 2005 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. It was launched into orbit using the Rokot launch vehicle. Since serious technical problems arose during the operation of the device, in 2011 Monitor-E stopped working.

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