Vadim Chernobrov predicted a meteorite fall in late 2017

A wonderful man and the only real ufologist of Russia Vadim Chernobrov, lived a bright life and left us many secrets. In addition, he very seriously studied the periodicity of the fall of meteorites to the Earth, did a lot of analytical work to find all the documented cases of the fall of large celestial bodies on our planet and came to the conclusion that most of them explode in the atmosphere not reaching the surface of the earth and pose a serious threat from For an explosion in the atmosphere and a subsequent shock wave, similar to that which caused many ills during the explosion of the Chelyabinsk bolide.

Then a shock wave from a meteorite explosion destroyed and damaged many buildings in the city, and more than 1500 residents suffered from various injuries and cuts of broken glass in buildings.

According to the conclusions of Chernobrov, another such event should be expected in late 2017 or early 2018. By its scale it will be comparable with the Chelyabinsk incident and if a meteorite explosion occurs over densely populated areas, then the consequences will be serious.

Vadim himself will not be able to verify the accuracy of his forecast, it did not become May 18, 2017, but you and I can witness such an event if it happens on the specified dates.

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