View from the ISS in 360 degrees

SPACEWALK 360 is the first panoramic video in history to be shot in open space. The video in 360 degree format shows how Russian cosmonauts Sergei Ryazansky and Fedor Yurchikhin manually launch several mini satellites while working overboard the ISS.

SPACEWALK 360 – continuation of the special project “Space 360”, created by RT in cooperation with Roskosmos and RSC Energia.

“Thanks to the revolutionary project SPACEWALK 360, viewers for the first time could see the open space and our planet through the eyes of astronauts. At the junction of VR-technologies and science, a new documentary genre was born. Now millions of people have the opportunity to approach the cosmos like never before. We invite everyone to open space, “- said the project manager RT360 Eduard Chizhikov.

SPACEWALK 360 allows viewers, along with cosmonauts Sergei Ryazansky and Fedor Yurchikhin, to leave the ISS and “walk” in outer space.

The first in the history of RT video in 360 format from the open space demonstrates unique panoramic surveys of the ISS, the Earth and astronauts while working behind the station.

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