Virtual tour of the Moon from NASA

The US space agency presented a wonderful virtual acquaintance with the satellite of our planet. It will be interesting to a wide range of amateur astronomers.

The moon is our main neighbor. And this is the closest satellite to the Sun: the satellites are closest to the star of Venus and Mercury. It must also be remembered that for today the Moon is the only astronomical object where a person has visited.

Therefore, it is even surprising how much we do not know and how much more we have to learn about the moon. However, there are occasions for pride.

Employees of NASA, for example, presented on their YouTube channel a virtual tour of the most beautiful regions of the Moon. The video is accompanied by the music of Scott Goodman, Benjamin Krause and Frederic Wiedman.

Video in high resolution will allow you to view the fascinating objects of the surface of the Moon with incredible clarity. Obviously, it will be a wonderful gift for all who are not indifferent to the satellite of our planet.

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