Virtual walk on the bed of the ancient Martian river

Specialists of the European Space Agency (ESA) have posted the surprising video created on the basis of thousands of photos received from the automatic interplanetary station “Mars-Express”. In this video we can fly by over so-called Mawrth Vallis (Mawrth – means Mars in Welsh) – the course, remained from the ancient Martian river which was once flowing on the surface of the Red planet. Extent of the dried-up river exceeds 630 kilometers, depth her in some places reaches 2000 meters.

In video created by specialists of ESA we fly by over the majestic Martian channel in which the powerful water stream once proceeded and where, perhaps, life raged. Scientists assume that the age of this course makes more than 4 billion years. On coast around Mawrth Vallis traces of massive bombings by meteorites are visible. Many craters impress with the sizes. The course is covered with layered clay deposits, or fillosilikata. These deposits are very interesting to scientists, they can contain information on the past of Mars, and it is possible, and about once live organisms inhabiting it. It isn’t excluded that the region where there is Mawrth Vallis, will be explored by scientists during future missions on the Red planet.


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