Water time on Mars

Researchers of Mars told about the times of liquid water in the area of ​​Libya Montes on the surface of the red planet.

In the image presented above, the dried up river valley with numerous tributaries on the surface of the Red Planet is visible. This photo was taken by the Mars Express (ESA) spacecraft cameras on February 21, 2017.

Scientists who are engaged in research of Mars, are assured, that in this area about 3.9 billion years ago the river with liquid water ran.

Investigating this region, scientists also believe that the water in this river was mobilized under the influence of external factors. Perhaps the volcanic impact led to the melting of ice in this area, which in turn created the current river.

A rich variety of geological characteristics in this region is of great interest to geologists. Everything in this area says that once it was a very dynamic environment with volcanic activity, melting ice and rapidly flowing rivers.

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