What does a black hole sound like?

Back in 2003, astronomers discovered that this hole emits pressure waves that cause ripples in the hot gas around. These waves were converted into sound.

NASA notes that the resulting sound is a note that is about 57 octaves below the “C” of the first octave. A person is not able to hear such a sound, therefore, during data processing, this note was amplified many times over.

Experts said that this information processing was different from all other similar ones. She’s revisiting the sound waves she’s found in data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. On the one hand, there is a popular belief that there is no sound in space, because in a large part of space there is no medium for it to propagate. On the other hand, galaxy clusters contain large amounts of gas that envelops hundreds or even thousands of galaxies, providing a medium for sound waves to propagate.

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