What does our planet look like from the surface of the moon

The Moon is the second brightest object after the Sun in the earth’s horizon. In the full moon, its maximum brightness (m) is −12.7. However, have you ever wondered what the Earth looks like from the moon at that moment in time? Asking this question, planetary explorer James O’Donoghue presented a video about how the Moon looks at the same time from the Earth, and our planet – if we were watching it from the lunar surface.

The planetary scientist carefully combined all phases, rotations, angles and resizing using real NASA images. This video allows you to see the cosmic perspective inaccessible to the human eye.

In the presented video, the Earth and the Moon are the same size, but in reality, from the Earth satellite, our planet seems four times larger than the full Moon. Depending on the state of the atmosphere, it also shines 45-100 times brighter than the full moon. When the full Earth is visible in the lunar sky, it illuminates the surrounding lunar landscape with a bluish-gray light.

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