Why water and life could exist on Mars?

The presence of water on ancient Mars is a real paradox. Today there are a lot of compelling evidence that the liquid of the river intermittently flowed on the planet’s surface. Estimated that three to four billion years ago Mars was supposed to be too cold to maintain liquid water.

Researchers from Harvard have suggested that early Mars may have periodically heated the strong greenhouse effect. Within their research, researchers found that the interaction between methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen in the early Martian atmosphere could from time to time to create warm periods on the red Planet. And at this time there could be water in liquid form.

“Early Mars is unique in that there could be occasional periods when life flourished” – said the scientist Robin Wordsworth.

Four billion years ago the Sun was approximately 30 percent weaker than today. This means that significantly less solar radiation reached the Martian surface. The scattered radiation, which are made of the planet, was trapped in the Martian atmosphere, and this in turn led to warm, humid periods on the planet.

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