“Window” in Tajikistan will allow to see objects in space at distance of 50 thousand km

The Russian optical-electronic complex of the Window space control system (SCS) in Tajikistan after upgrade raised characteristics and now can find objects at distance over 50 thousand kilometers, the deputy commander the space troops (ST) of the Aerospace Forces (AF) of Russia on testing the colonel Andrey Ivashina reported.

“Complex SKKP “window” on the tactical technical characteristics was capable to find space objects at distance to 40 thousand kilometers. It should be noted that after the upgrade of a possibility of a complex which is carried out in 2014 on detection of space objects significantly increased — he can find objects at distance over 50 thousand kilometers in an overview zone” — told Ivashina.

in Tajikistan it became more effective
He noted that now space troops hold events for creation of group of modern radar, radio optical, radio engineering, optical-electronic systems, and also upgrades of the existing specialized control facilities of space.

“In the Karachay-Cherkess Republic upgrade of the radio optical Krone complex is complete. The state testing of the optical-electronic Sight complex in Altai Krai are carried successfully out. Further development of control facilities of space is directed to increase in information opportunities of system” — declared to the second-in-command QUARTER of Russian Air Forces.

According to its information, QUARTER of Russian Air Forces is increased by opportunities for investigation of a space situation of the control system of space. “Therefore the main objectives which are determined for the main center of investigation of a space situation are the continuous analysis of a space situation; maintaining the Main catalog of space objects; identifications of the facts of possible dangerous rapprochement of domestic spacecrafts with space objects” — added Ivashin.

The complex SKKP “Window” deployed in Tajikistan is intended for detection of space objects in a zone of the overview, determination of parameters of their movement, receipt of photometric characteristics of space objects and issues of information on them in the KKP center.

SKKP — a component of aerospace defense of Russia — the information system on the basis of the specialized and interacting means intended for continuous and global assessment of a space situation in peace and wartime. For expansion of the action area of SKKP upgrade existing and creation of new specialized means with the raised characteristics is carried out.

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