A charm against death

In history there are cases when people, for whatever reasons, tried to send it to the light, but the executioners as they tried, nothing worked.

In 1933 American gangster Anthony Marino came up with a brilliant and cruel plan to deal with their financial difficulties, he decided to kill his girlfriend and get her insurance.

The plan worked, and the bandit was eager to repeat it with a certain Michael Melloan, a drunkard and a frequenter of drinking establishments, which in the Bronx was holding Marino. Accomplices of the gangster concluded in the name of Melloe three insurance, after which the conspirators tried to decide how to kill him, to avoid suspicion of murder.

But they had to face the fact that the person is not always easy to kill – Melissa was a very tough sacrifice.

The killer thought that Malloy is drunk to death, if he will have the opportunity, and Marino gave him unlimited credit at his bar. But as Malloy drank without a break and nothing happened, Marino replaced the wine… antifreeze!

After some time, Malloy lost consciousness, but soon came to myself again and the following week gladly drank in the bar only antifreeze.

Then the gangsters made him even more deadly product: an explosive mixture of horse ointment with rat poison. However, invulnerable Malloy did not even feel the difference and continued to demand a free drink.

The criminals offered him wood alcohol from rotten oysters and sardines. Malloy is again much, and he demanded supplements.

Furious constant setbacks killer dragged the drunk into the street, doused with cold water and left all night lying in the snow in 20-degree frost. But it did not kill Malloy.

Desperate to stop him, the gang Marino hired killer, who knocked down Melloe on the car, and then another, and moved him, Malloy spent three weeks in the hospital, and then came back to the bar for a free drink!

The last test did not want to die drunkards was the gas oven. The bandits stuck your head in Malloy resisted and kept there until, until Malloy finally gave up the Ghost. However, joy Marino was short-lived: the police solved the crime and arrested the killers.

A quarter century after the events described in New Orleans lived a gravedigger named Sam Dombey, who was greatly disliked colleagues, because Sam offered their services for a lower price. And once the enemies have hired a famous murderer Beauregard to once and for all dealt with Dombey.

The next morning, working in the cemetery, Dombey, suddenly heard behind a loud explosion, and then someone staggered out of the bushes. It turned out to be the hapless killer: he put too big a charge of powder and buckshot in the cartridge, and the gun exploded in his hands.

A failed assassination attempt was the first but not the only attempt at Dombey. After Beauregard the gravediggers decided to tackle his opponent.

First they put it under the bed for Sam in the barn the bomb. The explosion destroyed the building and threw gravediggers for about ten meters to the side, not causing, however, sleeping any harm.

But the gravediggers did not give up and soon kidnapped Dombey. They left him bound hand and foot in lake Ponchartrain. However, unsinkable Sam was able to escape under water from the shackles and swim.

His enemies and is not confused. They set fire to his house, and when Dombey was rushed out riddled it with bullets from rifles. Bleeding Sam was taken to the hospital… and soon cured.

Envious the gravediggers failed to send to the light of his colleague: Sam survived all who attempted to take his life, and died at the age of 98 of natural causes.

And there are people about whom even laid down their saying: his bullets can’t. But it’s not the fact that there are people, like a charm against bullets.

Scientists have shown that not only man, but all living things are able to create a material field and even control them. This most often happens on a subconscious level.

Everyone has probably seen what happens when the dog catches the cat that has nowhere else to hide. She turns his face to the enemy and takes a threatening posture, tail pipe, back arched, pupils dilated.

The dog freezes in place, because, according to modern psychics around cats is a dense energy field that no one could overcome.

Repeatedly killed horses under Napoleon and Kutuzov, some of them tore cores orderlies and generals, however, they are not bowing to the bullets, escaped injury. Lieutenant Napoleon always walked in front of his grenadiers, and rifle bullets did not reach him.

As a General, he went ahead – with equal lack of success to the bullets of the enemy, thereby inspiring courage in his soldiers and fear in enemies. From all this breezed mysticism.

Scientists explain this phenomenon as follows. The fact that the bullet moving in a straight line only for herself, in fact she flies in a geodesic space if and surrounds the human body, because the space around it is curved. The body thus becomes some kind of gravitational mass that every moving thing have to avoid.

Say, one of the Indian chiefs under the protection of Breadcake 17 times shot of George Washington was close, but missed. The property of invulnerability attributed to and other famous generals, such as General Emil von seyn – Wittgenstein.

Russian researcher Yuri Kotenko has collected many stories about the historical characters, against which the bullets were absolutely powerless. Here’s what he, in particular, reports about the awesome invincibility of some Indian chiefs.

On the morning of 25 November 1876, the 4th cavalry regiment of the us army under the command of Colonel Ronald S. Mackenzie attacked the camp of an Indian tribe of Chayanov where the chief was Dull Knife.

The battle lasted the whole day. The Indians, hiding in the rocks, were under massive bombardment soldiers when it seemed impossible to stick your neck out, however, this day happened events that border on a miracle.

So, in the midst of shooting one old Indian came to an open elevated place and quietly sat down there, presenting a perfect target.

In his hands he held the extinguished pipe. Indian lit it and began quietly to smoke. Around the whistling bullets, but none of them hurt the old man.

After a while he was joined by another fellow Black Bird. Under a hail of bullets he took a few puffs and was completely unharmed.

As the third Indian, a Long Jaw, which, coming to the edge of the cliff and began to jump up, to attract the attention of the soldiers. It took four volleys, and departed as if nothing had happened. Later in his clothes found numerous bullet holes.

Famous cheyunski shaman Mad Mule has done amazing things. Here’s how it describes its congener Wooden Leg: once, when we were in the upper reaches of the Powder, he was approached by four Cheyenne and everyone shot him. He stood with his back against a tree. After the fourth shot the shaman bent down, took off his shoes and emptied four bullets. I saw it…

The famous St. Petersburg parapsychologist Martynov talked with a former soldier Antonov from Tikhvin, who told him an amazing story. During the war with the capture of Breslau platoon of machine gunners was ordered to seize the Church in the center of a large square.

Under the cover of a smokescreen platoon took the Church and provided communications to adjust artillery fire. But soon the wire was broken, because the whole area was exposed to fire. The commander ordered to restore the connection. First went partner Antonov, however, do not take a half dozen steps, was killed.

It was the turn of Antonov, who during the war have not received a single scratch. The asphalt around him literally seething with bullets, but none touched him. The fighter had crawled about 50 meters, connected the wire and under heavy fire, returned to the Church, where the tested overvoltage lost consciousness.

In 20-ies of XX century such invulnerability showed Baron Ungern, who tried to create a Great yellow Empire. During one of the battles in robe Ungern found 70 bullet holes and bumps swords.

The Baron was surrounded by a mystical aura, in the end, he never lost a battle, but was betrayed by his own associates.

The same can be said about the phenomenal invulnerability of Nestor Makhno, the famous Aviator Pokryshkin, who came out unscathed from the hundreds of aerial duels. He was hunted down by the best pilots of the Luftwaffe, the German aces were able to shoot down many slave Pokryshkina, but he Pokryshkin was as if by a spell.

Among the political leaders of the record for survival in the attacks is the head of Cuba Fidel Castro. According to American media, assassination attempts were arranged at least two dozen, and almost always the murder was planned by professionals, those who rarely misfires. But the CIA and Cuban counter-revolutionary organizations failed to realize killing with poisons, bombs, bullets, etc.

In the late nineteenth century European travelers EN route to Sudan, I heard about Abyssinian MAG in one of the African villages that could do incredible wonders. The Europeans wanted to look at them.

The Abyssinian for a nominal fee let them shoot him with a handgun for two hours. The bullets never touched him, even from a very close distance. Escaping from the muzzle, the bullets described a parabola and flew past African.

One German suggested the MAG 5 francs, if he is allowed to shoot him at close range! The Abyssinian at first refused, but then agreed. The Germans loaded the gun, leaned his gun against the chest of the sorcerer and fired. However, the desired result European is not reached: the barrel of the gun broke into pieces, and the magician has not received the slightest damage.

A curious offer to shoot them with rifles or pistols and some other parts of Central Africa and India. This scene describes an Englishman Laing in the book journey through the land of Taman, Courances and Colimas.

A squad of soldiers shot at the leader of the tribe Suliman at the source of the river DYLIB. But not a single bullet grazed the man. He explained that he helps his magic talisman.

There are in Africa and the whole tribe, whose warriors battles remain completely unharmed. Before the battle they hold special preparatory ritual that, apparently, and creates around them with the substance, which do not take nor spear, nor dart, nor the bullets of enemies.

However it should be noted that it is not always magical charms and protective amulets in battle save the life of a person. For example, in 2001 in the village of Lamba in the North-East of Ghana, the African state, where clashes between members of different local tribes is not uncommon in these areas is still very common practice of the conspiracy against bullets, arrows and spears, the country’s young people, charmed a local wizard from bullets, died during a test of witchcraft.

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Harem King

My uncle once got ran over by a car and die, and then he came back to life. I suppose with how inevitable death is, at least there ought to be some times where the person narrowly escapes.

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