A mysterious stranger from a mass of dreams

Is it possible that different people dream the same thing? If we are talking about, say, some inanimate object, then there is no surprise. But if a person? Moreover, one and the same? This phenomenon became known a decade ago: it turned out that people living in different parts of the globe, in the dream, comes a mysterious stranger…

Fatal figure

It all started with the fact that in January 2006 to one of the new York psychologist was a visitor. Complaining of problems in his personal life, he suddenly mentioned that here already throughout many years he dreams one and the same unknown man, who in real life he has never met…

The psychologist asked the client to draw a portrait of a stranger from the dreams. Ballpoint pen on a sheet of paper that depicted a middle-aged man. He had a round face, wide mouth, large eyes and high forehead. On the head of a stranger there was a noticeable bald spot, but eyebrows were quite lush…

The figure remained lying in the Desk of a psychologist for as long as it has not came another client, and he has not got over some papers. With them on the table and happened to have a sheet with the image of a stranger from dreams… Seeing him, the woman came to a terrible commotion and asked where is this portrait here. It turned out that the picture of man for many years, dreams about it at night!

Deciding to investigate the situation, the doctor just in case, sent a “sketch” of his colleagues, and for the next six months, four clients of psychologists found out that face… needless to add that they were not familiar with each other?

Of course, the stranger could dream of and other people who didn’t go to psychologists. To find out, one of those who faced him in a dream, has created a special website dedicated to this topic. The website immediately began receiving responses. In just ten years responded to more than 200 000 people from different countries, who reported that “people of figure” visited them in a dream.

Questions and tips

Amazing not so much the fact that all of these people dreamed of one and the same person, but the fact that this happened not once. The stranger has always behaved the same way. In particular, he never talked about himself, but asked a lot of questions to the dreamers. He was interested in and the details of their daily life, and views of the world, including the relationship to God and the cosmos, as well as the dreams and memories of childhood… Curious what people have always felt for “the guest” full trust, he inspired them anything sinister…

Some respondents reported that the mysterious “visitor” was their constant friend and Advisor in my sleep. He gave them advice that turned out to be extremely useful in real life. Although this happened not in all situations — obviously, the stranger assumed the role of Advisor only, when it was believed that his help is really needed by the person.

Version — fantastic and skeptical

Today, there are several hypotheses that attempt to explain the origin of these dreams. The first of them says that it is a psychological archetype. As is often the stranger dreamed of those who in life had serious problems, we can assume that they are unconsciously looking for someone who would have supported them and helped. And this desire transformed into the image of the stranger who really was part of their own “I”. A similar appearance is because the subconscious has generated a “average” character — after all, we all have our brain has roughly the same structure, experts say…

Believers believe that this may be one of the images of God who is to us in our sleep, to help him to find faith, or to overcome the hardships besetting us…

Another theory argues that the world can exist a person with the unique ability to penetrate into other people’s dreams, regardless of the distance separating him from the dreamers… Why is he doing it? Well, let’s say, just for fun. Isn’t it interesting to learn about other people’s lives? In addition, a stranger, apparently well versed in life in General, time gives good advice.

And here is the hypothesis skeptics. Supposedly, there is a snowball effect… Well, drew the client a psychological portrait of a man who he dreams about. And some woman, perhaps mentally unbalanced, accidentally saw the picture, and she thought she also saw that man in my dream… the same thought to other clients of psychologists — and this is the people for the most part, problematic and not quite adequate… And when the information was posted on the web site, the most susceptible users to the stranger really became a dream… In any case, each version has the full right to exist.

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Harem King

They say you can’t imagine a face in a dream because it is too difficult for the brain to imagine a face that it has not seen before, but one time in a dream I saw the ugly and inhuman faces of men who had pale white skin, and blonde hair, and blue eyes, and they were oddly masculine and criminal-looking. I have never seen anything that looks like them, but people who research “UFO abduction” talk about “Nordics”, and I would say this is somewhat similar to what I had seen in the dream.

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