A well-known psychiatrist said that demons are real and people are helped only by exorcism

Many people believe. that such anomalous manifestations of the other world exist only in movies, but the number of cases of entrapment into demon people increases every year.

It increases so much that the churches do not have enough exorcisms to help all those in need and it is necessary to organize urgently real schools for training soldiers with demonic entities with possessing people.

The official science historically takes a skeptical attitude to this issue, but there are also those who are not afraid to express the opposite point of view.

For example, Dr. Richard Gallagher, chief psychiatrist at Princeton and Yale University, believes that demonic possession of people is really very real.

With 25 years of experience in private psychiatric practice and as a professor at New York Medical College and Columbia University, Dr. Richard Gallagher has a rare opportunity to observe human behavior. And among the usual cases of mental illness, he repeatedly saw the paranormal cases, when a person possessed the otherworldly essence.

He is also a sought-after psychiatrist for recognition, the initial step in determining the need for exorcism. Dr. Gallagher assessed hundreds of cases of possible mastery and believes that this phenomenon is genuine.

In April, at the Vatican training course for exorcist priests, participants were told that the demand for exorcism flourishes as a result of the decline of the Christian faith and the Internet, providing easy access to black magic, occultism and Satanism.

They are very, very smart. The level of intelligence of a fallen angel is far superior to humans, “says Dr. Gallagher on the demons of settling in people.

Pope Francis repeatedly reminded his followers that Satan is “a real being wandering around the Earth to devour souls like a lion.” In April, he wrote: “Therefore, we should not think of the devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea. This error would lead us to let go of our guards, become careless and become more vulnerable. ” He noticed that life can be “an ongoing struggle with the devil, the king of evil.”

Last year, referring to the priests who attended the Vatican’s course on confession, the Pope said that the confessors “should not hesitate” and call exorcists for those penitents who suffer from “real spiritual demons”. Describing the rite of exorcism as “a delicate and necessary service,” the Pope exhorted that expelling priests should be chosen with “great care and great prudence.”

In the United States, the number of exorcist priests has increased from twelve to fifty in the last decade. While the demand for exorcism continues to grow, Dr. Gallagher’s medical assessment of whether a person is mentally ill or demon-possessed helps determine whether exorcism is required by exorcism.

He is not the only American psychiatrist who is confident in the reality of demons, there are many other supporters of the doctor’s opinion and the church itself on this issue.

“There are many other psychiatrists and mental health professionals who do what I do, but they do not dare to openly say this,” he explained. “I’m not afraid of criticism, I’m sure of my statements based on years of experience of me as a scientist and a famous psychiatrist ”

“I had one patient named Julia from the US, she was taken by a demon and the priests called me to give my opinion.” What I saw immediately revealed the abnormality of the situation. “This girl had paranormal abilities. said, “I worship Satan. I do not know about this God. There’s a lot of shit in the world. I do not see how people can believe in a good God. But I know Satan. He gives me strength ”

Julia reveled in her paranormal abilities and demonstrated these abilities to Dr. Gallagher. One morning, at 3 o’clock in the morning, usually quiet cats broke into his bedroom and jumped on the bed with bared teeth and began to growl not him. Their hair stood on end, and their eyes burned with fire.

The next morning he came to Julia and she immediately announced from the threshold, “How did you like the acquaintance with my cats last night?”

Another time, Julia demonstrated her ability to see a person from thousands of kilometers away from him. She told Dr. Gallagher: “We really hate the Father …”, she meant the exorcist priest. She explained that it was her job to “follow him,” although she lived in another part of the United States. Then she described the priest at that moment, “walking along the beach in her blue windbreaker and pants khaki, and he says prayers.” Dr. Gallagher quickly called the priest on the mobile phone and he confirmed everything that Julia described. The priest noted that he would normally be in his parish at the time, but on that particular day he decided to take a walk along the beach.

When it was decided to conduct the exorcism ritual, Julia was tied to a bed, and she suddenly turned her head 80 degrees and, without opening her lips, an eerie voice inside her said, “Leave her alone the priest! You, monkey priest, she is ours!” five minutes, and then she left the trance. “Then Julia said to him:” Well, what will the monkey continue? We told you that she is ours, you will leave her alone! ”

The rite of exorcism seemed to bear fruit, and Julia seemed normal, but after a while she entered the cult worshiping Satan and the demons again possessed her soul, or maybe the rite failed and they remained inside her, hiding for a while.

A year later, and Julia herself called the priest to conduct a ritual of exorcism with her and asked him to hold it again. The priest called the doctor that he would examine her, but when the doctor tried to contact her, she answered that she should think more. She did not go any further and soon found out that she had suddenly died.

The psychiatrist is sure that the demons are real. He heard their victims speak different languages, noting that demons know all languages. When the priests perform the rite in Latin, the victims speak it. They always respond in the language they are spoken to even if the person himself has never studied this language.

Dr. Gallagher believes that demons are watching people from the very beginning. “They are very, very smart. The level of the intellect of a fallen angel, far exceeds human beings, so they blacken people. Sometimes they call us “monkeys,” he says.

People captured by demons are able to levitate and have telepathic abilities, says the doctor. But they never show these abilities before the cameras. “Demons are smart, evil, manipulative creatures, they will not work for the camera, they know they are being recorded,” he said.

He does not believe in the benefit of group exorcisms, which, he said, can only harm the mentally ill, not allowing them to receive the medical care they need. For the truly possessed, he said, the ritual must be performed privately without publicity.

Dr. Gallagher says, -. “The clergy of many different faiths who sent people to me, feel that something is happening and we have become more likely to penetrate the essence from outside the world of our world”

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