Angels on mount Athos

The stories that mount Athos visiting angels, more recently, could make many just a skeptical smile. However, in recent years there is evidence that turns the legend in actually held a miracle.

The story of heavenly messengers

Oddly enough, the concept of what angels are still rather vague: it is not known for certain, the energy is the essence of any human image, designed to protect the planet’s population and keep people in the faith. About angelic fact I bet even professional theologians, to say nothing of ordinary people!

The only thing scientists agree: angels are divine messengers, bearing to mortals the will of God and possessing supernatural abilities. Actually, the word “angel” in the Greek means “messenger” or “messenger”.

The conviction that came to us from distant pagan times and later used by Christianity, considers these wonderful creatures to distant human ancestors who once lived good lives and received because the ability to keep your descendants and help them where they do not.

There is also a hypothesis, according to which for the sanctity of souls angelic order find children who died at an early age. To see them can are the same kids, although over time they lose this ability. However, whoever these mysterious creatures, eyewitness accounts say that their abilities are truly amazing.

My own experience has seen this woman from a small English town. The bus she went to work, came down from the high hill and all of a sudden his brake failure. At the bottom turn was protected by a wall of bricks, and just in time for her bus raced, picking up speed. The woman realized that a crash is unavoidable, but suddenly saw a moving window glass amazingly beautiful creatures in bright clothes.

They got in the way of the bus, and he stopped suddenly by the wall, and when this happened, the unknown saviors disappeared. The party a wonderful event immediately thought that she was saved by angels. The mechanics of the bus fleet also felt that with passengers, a miracle happened: the brakes of the bus were not working, and how he managed to stop the descent, remain unknown. However, sometimes there are phenomena of angels, which cannot be explained by the urgent need to save human life.

The mystery of the angel

This happened about 10 years ago on mount Athos. The young pilgrim stayed at the hotel one of the Athonite monasteries. In the night he woke to the sounds of Church singing of extraordinary beauty. The boy thought had missed the beginning of the service, and hastily went to the temple. To his surprise, the temple door was locked. And looking in through the window, the boy saw a light inside, although the source of it was unclear – no candle was out.

Moreover, inside the Church was empty, and the singing seemed to spread in the luminous air. Wonderful, nothing like the human voice taken out of an ancient Byzantine chant – “the Cherubic hymn”. The pilgrim understood that is simply obliged to preserve the wonderful singing.

He rushed back to his room, grabbed the tape recorder and ran back to the temple, where it sounded divine music of the invisible angelic host. The entry made by the young men, hit the Internet and caused a real battle between those who believed in the angels singing, and skeptics who deny the very possibility of such a “concert”.

Debate about whether not a fake was brought from mount Athos pilgrim would have lasted indefinitely if it is not interfered with experts. The resulting analysis audiospectrum records showed the inhuman nature of execution of the ancient chant. The tone of the mysterious voices is exactly in the middle between male and female. Chant sounds so smooth and strong that with a human voice it is generally impossible to compare.

In addition, the increase in the amplitude of the sound waves does not occur gradually, as happens with people, and with incredible speed, almost instantly. An indirect proof of the angelic nature of singing can be considered that. chant in the recording cut off before the words “every now everyday postpone care”. No earthly cares (“cares”) angels have no and can not be, but because they finished singing it was on this part of the chant.

No less unique was the influence of heavenly voices for each listener. Someone listening to singing, have noticed how easy and joyful it is to the soul, while others said the angelic voice make you feel the anxiety and sadness. Even happened that from repeated listening to the recordings people have elevated blood pressure, palpitations.

Facts and hypotheses

In detail having studied the sound of amazing voices, theologians have set out reasons for the phenomenon of divine messengers to the people. If you usually are angels for saving their lives, and a wonderful Church service was supposed to bring some important news. What it is – just had to find out.

First of all, should avoid any probability of that on mount Athos sang not angels, but rather messengers of Satan. Theoretically the devils like she could take on the appearance of the cherubim for the seduction of the audience. They have created a Chimera sometimes able to introduce a weak spirit in a mental or physical disorder, and some even take life. On the other hand, demons do not even have to use a Church singing – well, it will once again confirm the truth of Orthodoxy.

Theologians from several countries staged a wide-ranging discussion, during which he established the wiles of the impure nothing to do with it. Every distortion of the Christian singing in record is missing. And the servants of the devil deprived of the divine gift of singing and that it is disgusting to mock the sacred chants, making sounds more like a cacophony. Thus, written on mount Athos, the film is really preserved voice the Lord’s messengers.

With regard to the objectives of the appearance of angels in the Athos temple, here the views differed. Some scientists believe that sung in the ancient Byzantine manner part of the service was to remind believers of the need to observe the ancient canons of the Church singing. Such a reminder is timely, because Christianity is increasingly leaning to the new polyphonic style of performance of Christian services. And it is likely that these innovations will not like it in heaven.

There were supporters and a more General version: a wonderful singing angels once again proclaimed to the world about its existence. And if they really exist, not just churched people, but even hardened atheists will receive protection in cases where to save them unless miracle.

However, to this day there are those who refer to angels singing on mount Athos fake. Opponents of the “angelic theory” claim that the film is the voice of the Greek singer Dimitrios Arlandis, possessing rare beauty of tone and known performance of Orthodox chants. However, the singer never confirmed that on the recording “angel song” the sound of his voice. So the phenomenon of angelic singing continues to be one of the most marvelous phenomena of Athos.

According to your faith let it be

The list of such phenomena in the monastic Republic is much bigger than you can imagine. Unfortunately, to see them in person, only men from the VII century, when Athos came the first monks, ascetics, women on the Holy Mountain forbidden to appear (even pack animals there is only male). According to legend, commanded the virgin Mary, providing the monks of his heavenly patronage.

As if confirming the constant invisible presence of the mother of God above the top of the mountain is constantly hanging cloud: it increases or decreases, the color changes but never disappears.

In each of the 20 monasteries of the Holy relics and miraculous icons. In the monastery of Vatopedi are a piece of the true cross of the Lord, the belt of the virgin, the relics of Demetrios, of Saint Pantaleon and the saints. At the monastery of Simonopetra is preserved incorruptible the perfumed right hand of Mary Magdalene. Every true believer, prikladyvaya to relics can confirm that the Holy hand is still warm.

A few meters from the sea directly from the rock is a spring, to find that the monks were able to the Lord’s instruction. Near the source grows the vine, which is over 700 years old. One berry from this vine can cure infertility in any women dream of offspring.

The angelic voice that sounded on mount Athos, is only one of an endless list of miracles of the Holy Mountain. To believe in them or doubt is a personal matter, but much happier to know that we live in a world where everything is still accomplished miracles.

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