Bases of newcomers in Puerto Rico

Conspiracy theorists discuss probability that on the island of Puerto Rico (Caribbean Sea) most likely there is a secret underground base of newcomers who carry out the activity by agreement with the terrestrial authorities there already many decades.

For these years ufologists saved up volume baggage of stories about observation in the territory of the island of various UFOs and especially many stories that locals observed the most various strange beings. There were and the famous gray newcomers (heat), both giants of two-meter body height and tiny dwarfs and those beings whom chupakabram began to call.

“Underwater UFOs” the ufologist Vladimir Azhazha provides some of these stories which initially were issued in books of the researcher of Puerto Rico the English ufologist Timothy Goode, released such books as “Invasion threat” and “Bases of newcomers” in the book.

1967. Irma Otis from New York told how during the summer educational expedition to vicinities El-Yunc (National reserve) the group of students of Puerto-Rican college Rio-Pyedras together with professor Gonzales observed at night the shining entity, about two meters in height, very thin, with the lengthiest, to elbows hands, dressed in the silvery, fitting a body overalls.

It came out of the heavy-bodied wood soon after disappearance of the student Ramón Kvinyones there. Discussion of the incident stopped at once, all were in a condition of a stupor about 15 minutes until “the shining subject”, sluggishly moving back, disappeared in thickets. Only after it all found again ability to move. Ramón’s searches by service of a forest area and military gave nothing. All witnesses were warned about nondisclosure of an event. That year roads around El-Yunc were quite often blocked by police.

Cases of the strange disappearances of people in this Region of Puerto Rico (especially children!) are also frequent. Everything began since 1961 when children from east coast El-Yunc and in the neighborhood of adjacent mountains began to vanish.

In 1973 on July 25 in the foothills El-Yunc under mysterious circumstances seven-year-old Antonio Alemar disappeared. Soldiers and volunteers unsuccessfully searched for the child within several weeks.

Between 1961 and 1978 (in 17 years) 36 cases of loss of children on El-Yunc were officially registered though the actual figure could be much more.

1976, February. Several cases of disappearance of military. From base of Seyba (the easternmost tip of the island, near the mountain El-Yunc) two naval officers of the USA completely disappeared. About their disappearance it was reported in the local newspaper “El-Bosero” for March 2. From sources in military authorities of Puerto Rico it became clear that some of the soldiers who were gone on El-Yunc officially were reported missing on the Vietnamese war.

1973, October. The wife and the five-year-old daughter to Hoza Alemara met the strange entity. They sat in the closed car while to Hoza said goodbye to the family. Suddenly the woman heard the husband’s voice nearby: “Anna, I here, open for me a door!” But the daughter screamed from a fright, and Anna, to the horror, saw the lengthiest three-fingered hand on a windshield. She reminded a chicken paw. The head of the stranger was ovoid, with the pointed ears and larger black eyes. The entity reacted to their shouts with disappearance.

The strange object in a palate of Puerto Rico. 2009

1977, July. Contact in development. Contacts of the 42-year-old inhabitant Kebradillyas with zelenokozhy yashcheropodobny tetradactyl entities, about a meter in height continued several months then ekstrasensorny abilities were found in it. But, without having sustained prosecution of newcomers, in October he sold the house and moved to the small settlement.

1977, on August 26. Two entities with lamelliform skin as at fishes, tetradactyl, very lengthiest hands and the big flat head were found by the secretary of business concern in a conference room behind studying of the wall map of the island. From shout of the woman they ran up to a window and jumped out.

1980, on March 22. The security guard at hospital in Aguadilye (the coastal city in the northwest of the island) at night after the prevention three times shot at the newcomer of meter body height, with four fingers on the lengthiest thin hands. The big mouth, a flat wide nose and “asinine” ears were remembered. There was a misfire twice, the entity reacted to the third shot with teleportation.

1980. The patient (with high temperature) the police officer Evan Rivera Morales was kidnapped at night from his house by two gray beings (because of the severe pains in joints he asked heaven about convalescence). Rivera was brought aboard the UFO on which they dived near the southwest coast of the island of Puerto Rico and appeared on the basis of newcomers underground, near the lake Lagoon Cartagena. Regained consciousness in three hours healthy at home.

1988, June. Several cases of visit of base of newcomers. Carlos Manuel Mercado was taken away three gray, without ears, 120 centimeters in height at night, from his house and is brought aboard the disciform UFO which commander was a hybrid, the physician, 180 centimeters in height. Then they appeared in underground base of newcomers at the foot of a hill El-Cajul, near the lake Aaguna Kartagena.

The base represented a product line of repair of disciform and triangular aircraft. There he was told that they here for a long time, with the peace purposes also are not going to leave from here. “We bring here many that all knew the truth — we wish mutually beneficial cooperation”. The officer of a high rank was other guest. Its indications coincided with Mercado’s story. Two more persons from inhabitants managed to get secretly on the air shaft in base where they saw US military men as protection.

1989, April. Mass vivisection of the cattle. On Seyba Nort, near Gurabo, “the avalanche” cases of causing mutilations an animal collapsed. Inhabitants accused of it so-called чупакабр — the animals unknown to science sucking blood. At this time señor Aurtis catching with friends fish in the river Haguas heard the strange dog howl at night, reaching from a tree. When the entity publishing howl, lit with a beam of the strong lamp, something similar fell to the ground on a bird.

She was seized, carried to the settlement and caged. The furious animal ate only crude meat, had larger canines, as at a snake. Her head was without feathers and had pimply skin, as at a toad. After federal agents selected a find, there was a photo of a bird snake.

Chupakabra. Imagination of the artist

1989, July. Several cases of meetings with newcomers. Locals repeatedly noticed about the lake Aaguna Kartagena of gray. Medina from La-Pargouer met five newcomers in July too. Later he saw them two more times. Medina gave the detailed description them and expressed opinion that newcomers have base in this area, and the authorities do not want that they came to a surface.

1989, on December 1. Newcomers in the yard. The girl in Caguas saw from a window of the house in an internal court yard of two glaucous entities, with the large round heads, larger black eyes and the lengthiest hands which are hanging down precisely lashes. She ran to look for someone from adults, but did not find and returned to a window. On that place the small sphere of red color floated, but also it soon was gone. At the same night the neighbor saw the round UFO soaring over that place with multi-color fires.

1990, on August 31. The contact with gray did not take place. Around Kavo Rokho inhabitants met five newcomers. Miguel Fugiero drove up to them closer better to make out, but was stopped by a look of one of them which caused a condition of a catalepsy. And five, by the form typical gray, low body height, thin, with the larger heads and a mouth in the form of a crack, larger slanting eyes, continued to go to the lake Lagoon Cartagena.

1991, on August 13. Several cases. Tetradactyl gray, absolutely naked, twice, with a gap in two weeks, appeared on a balcony Marisol Camacho, living in the settlement of Maguayo, about the lake Lagoon Cartagena, the first time — at two o’clock in the morning, the second time — in the afternoon. They were interested in a tropical plant “Swiss cheese”. While they tore off leaves and stacked them, the hostess was in a stupor. Later, at the beginning of September, in the evening she observed low flight of the UFO over the house.

1991, August. The newcomer was frightened of the motorcyclist. At noon Ulysses Perez rode the motorcycle along the irrigation canal near the lake Aaguna Kartagena when he saw an entity — gray as it is described by the press, only skin of the newcomer was white and opaque, and eyes larger and black. He sat on a log, in a fright jumped to the canal and disappeared in thickets of lilies. The eyewitness managed to make out membranes between fingers.

1991, September. Group of newcomers in the house. Eleteyro Akosta, 80 years living near a balloon entered the house and found in it six newcomers. He indignantly cried on them and threatened a cane. The highest of uninvited guests shortly talked over with the others then all jumped out in an open window and left towards the ridge Syera-Barmeya.

1991, October. Gray took away from the inhabitant of the island of her child. The housewife Delia V., mother of two children, was fond of yoga and during meditation asked to give it the highest knowledge. Having left occupations a bit earlier, went to bed. Did not manage to fall asleep as felt someone’s palm on a face, and at the next moment felt that flies somewhere up. Houses, streets remained below. The fear paralyzed the woman.

She regained consciousness in a bed at five in the morning. In the next months understood that she is pregnant. Once noticed the silvery UFO in a palate and immediately it appeared in the metal room, in an environment of dozen of small gray creations. Then remembered the shout from pain and attempt to explain that she will not be able to give birth as her children were born by means of Cesarean section. Having regained consciousness, saw the newcomer with the baby on hands.

Gray newcomers look as an entity of small body height with very large heads and larger amygdaloid black eyes. They have no ears, and instead of a nose two holes. The body thin and is frequent without clothes. Sexual characters are not observed.

1995, on March 11. About the city of Orokovis the farmer Enrique Barreto Guernandes found eight destroyed sheep in the shelter. Each of them had three small openings on a breast, without blood traces. By November, 1995 the number of the crippled pets in Puerto Rico, including sheep, goats, hens, rabbits, dogs and pigs, reached several hundred.

According to the attestation of eyewitnesses, standing the guilty entity had about three fingers with five-centimetric claws and thin skin of gray-yellowy-brown color. One police officer shot at the mysterious creation which attacked his sentry dog and felt the disgusting smell of blood reminding a smell of congestive sewage of the sewerage. Some inhabitants of the island directly point to connection of emergence of a chupakabra with invasion of the UFO.

1995, end of September. The computer technician Juan Murati about five o’clock in the evening went to the car when felt a stare. Having turned back, fell into a depressed case: apart 15 meters from it on a tree sat “effigy” of half-meter body height.

Attracted attention huge, about eye orange, round and red as ketchup. Suddenly creation spread wings, loudly began to clap them and departed. In a month he saw it on a tree again, and in the evening of that day the largest of his sentry dogs was dead. On her neck he found two “vampirnykh” of an opening.

1995, November. Many inhabitants met chupakabra. Descriptions of the animal vampire coincide: body height — to 130 centimeters, huge amygdaloid eyes, a narrow face, instead of a nose oblong holes, a piriform form the head without ears, a thin neck almost without hair, from the top through a nape and on the ridge act sharp thorns. In stories cases of their reasonable behavior were noted.

1996. To military “the abnormal works of the nature” got. Sisters Lilian and Valchirija da Silva, 14 and 16 years, met at the abandoned house on the fringe of the forest two strange beings: the larger, extended down red eyes, sinewy shoulders, outgrowths on the head and brownish skin.

On the same day firefighters caught a similar entity and gave to military. It behaved peacefully, made the humming sounds and unpleasantly smelled. And evening of the same newcomer two officers of military police caught on the building site, but the being soon ached with an unclear disease and in a month died.

1998, summer. The American magazine “Unsensored UFO Reports” explicitly told of a skirmish of children with gnomes in Puerto Rico. Loafing on caves in mountains of Tetas-de-Kayey, near Salinas, curious teenagers faced big group of gnomes, 30 centimeters in height.

Those tried to grab by the boy’s leg by the name of José Luís Sayas. But it managed to beat off by means of a stick which it also cut out a skull of an entity. From the formed opening in abundance the transparent liquid like egg white flowed out.

The guy brought the gnome’s corpse home and put it in bank with formaldehyde. The entity had a thin torso and is disproportionate to a body the larger head. Skin was gray-green color, with an olive shade. Instead of a nose — two openings, instead of ears — the skin folds pointed up. The Bezguby mouth, huge colourless eyes with vertical pupils supplemented his almost bald head. It was obviously male, had the lengthiest, below elbows of a hand and short legs. Fingers of hands and legs had membranes and came to an end with cat’s claws. Many scientific experts could not identify it.

1998. Researcher of X. Martin collected data on small entities on the island. Locals noticed tiny neighbors long ago. At appearance of people they hid in crevices of rocks, in caves or in deep vertical tunnels. Sometimes from there the roar of a potent water stream was heard. Say that the network of tunnels covers the considerable proportion of the island. Often in the neighbourhood with them the strange orange-yellow spheres, with a diameter of 10 — 20 centimeters, precipitantly climbing down mountains in a forest thicket are observed.

2000, fall. On the island Vyekes children and teenagers quite often meet the abnormal entities. They assure that “little men — 90 — 120 cm in height, thin and bony, with the very lengthiest hands. And the head of them — elliptically”.

2005, on October 16. Twice per day two eyewitnesses who wished to remain unknowns saw very thin entity, green color, with red eyes day and night. Both times — in a banana grove. The younger eyewitness had a nervous breakdown which prevented a research of this case.

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