Chupacabra filmed from a drone in Bolivia

Mysterious animal deaths have recently occurred on farms in the Bolivian city of Oro. Cows, llamas, alpacas, ducks, and turkeys were found dead and completely drained of blood. All of this was reminiscent of a legendary creature that has been present in South American folklore for years – the chupacabra.

And so, when a local drone operator captured footage of a strange animal roaming a field near Oro, news outlets rushed to speculate that it was in fact the culprit. The creature, called the mythical chupacabra, was filmed by the drone operator.

“It’s weird,” director Carla Flores told Telemundo. “It looks like a dog, but it has a hump on its back. Looking at the images, it has the same position as a chupacabra.”

Lucio Portugal, a government official in the city of Callapata, confirmed to the local news network that the animals were found with two holes in their throats and completely exsanguinated. “We don’t know if it’s a chupacabra or not,” he said.

But what is a chupacabra and how real is this legend?

The chupacabra is a creature that appeared in Latin America in the early 1990s. It is described as a small, bald creature with hooked claws, sharp teeth, and huge eyes. It attacks cattle and drinks their blood.

Many scientists believe that the chupacabra is just a myth created to explain the mysterious deaths of animals. Some argue that it may be some unknown species of animal or even an alien life form.

In any case, the mysterious deaths of animals on farms in Bolivia have caused concern among locals. They are demanding that the government take measures to protect their livestock from attacks by unknown creatures.

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