Exorcist on the Three Signs of Possession: What You Need to Know about Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare and the existence of demons are the subject of much debate and discussion in today’s world. However, for Father Carlos Martins, a former atheist who has become one of the most respected exorcists in the Catholic Church, this is a reality he faces every day. In the interview, he shared his experience and knowledge of how to identify possession and how to protect oneself from evil.

One way to identify possession is through the use of holy water. Father Martins said that he secretly sprinkles a drop of holy water on a person’s clothing and observes their reaction. Holy water consecrated by a priest has the power to irritate and expose demons. He also shared a story of how a fireman he tested in this way immediately flew up in the air, hissing like a cat. It was a clear sign of possession.

Father Martins also states that there are three classic signs of demonic possession: speech in unknown languages, demonstration of supernatural powers or abilities, and knowledge of hidden or distant events. He concluded that demons are intelligent beings who live outside of space and time, and they can reveal things that are hidden or far away.

Father Martins has performed hundreds of exorcisms over the past 20 years and has encountered many cases in which people have shown these signs. He also noted that exorcisms are a ministry of mercy and healing, and that he does so out of love for God and his people.

Father Martins is also the custodian of ancient holy relics that belonged to or touched saints or Jesus Christ. He claims that these relics are powerful instruments of grace and miracles, and he sometimes uses them in exorcisms. His collection includes parts of the True Cross, the Crown of Thorns, and the Veil of Veronica. He invites people to worship these relics and experience their blessings.

Father Martins warned against engaging in occult practices such as witchcraft, astrology, Tarot cards or Ouija boards, which can open doors to demonic influence. He believes that demonic activity in the world is increasing and that people need to be aware of the spiritual warfare that is taking place. People can protect themselves from evil by leading holy lives, praying regularly, receiving the sacraments, and wearing sacramental signs such as the crucifix.

Father Martins sees his mission as spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people suffering from spiritual ailments. He believes that his work as an exorcist and relic custodian allows him to see many miracles and conversions through the power and grace of God. He hopes to inspire people to believe in God and trust in his power and mercy.

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