Extraterrestrial mummies of Nazca

Researchers studying prospective mummies of aliens who were allegedly found in Peru claim that they already have five copies of such mummies.

Mexican ufologist and journalist Jamie Maussan announced this at a press conference this week. The team of researchers, based on the tests of radiocarbon analysis, determined that the age of the creatures called “mummies of Nazca” is about 1700 years. Consequently, the burial in which they were found was supposedly done between 245 and 410 years of our era.

If this data is correct, this discovery will make you look at the history of the world from a completely different perspective, and popular theories that aliens have visited our Earth in ancient times and helped people build large historical structures, such as the ancient pyramids and Stonehenge, will be a reality.

But until today, there is no information about the place of archaeological excavations, where these mummies were found, and those who found them. Therefore, more and more voices are heard, claiming that this is another hoax.

Refuting such statements, the research team presented X-ray images of the found mummies. Jamie Maussan, who has been dealing with the UFO phenomenon for more than four decades, believes that they are the remains of real aliens. In addition, he stated that of the five bodies found, three are more like “reptiles than humans”.

“No one has proved that this is fraud,” said the ufologist. “We are going to present preliminary evidence to the public and the media, which will confirm that they are real.”

However, the British writer Nigel Watson, who wrote the “Guide to the investigation of the facts of UFOs,” is convinced that these are fakes based on human mummies.

“A real mummy has the size of an adult, and these mummies are the size of a doll in a sitting position,” said Nigel. “I think the whole story with these mummies is ridiculous.”

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