Forty years ago Welsh school children witnessed a UFO

Students of a whole class said he saw a 12-metre UFO on the ground near the school. Forty years later this story is still shrouded in mystery.

Broad haven — a Welsh resort town

For forty years, this case remains a mystery for the residents of the Welsh town of broad haven. In winter 1977, students of one of the classes of the local elementary school ran into the building from the school yard, trembling with fear.

Drawings depicting UFOs of students significantly similar to each other

The children said that they had seen hovering over the site of strange silver object. The headmaster, Ralph Llewellyn decided that the students decided to all play out. But students doggedly repeated his story, and even wrote to the local police station the statement with the request to investigate the incident.

David Davies

One of the students, David Davies, remembers clearly looked like an aircraft. “It was pearl-gray, about 12 meters in length, shaped like a torpedo or a cigar, was located on top of the dome, the top of which was pulsing red lights” – shared David with reporters.

The ship was silver-gray, twelve feet in length, with red pulsating lights

But the strangest thing happened when the Director decided to bring students to clean water. He seated children as the exam, and told everyone to draw a “ship”, which they claim to have seen. Incredibly, all the drawings were very similar to each other.

Writer Neil spring (left) and a group of ufologists are determined to get to the truth

Soon all the neighbourhood of the town are faced with abnormal activity. Many suspected that this involved the military, as there are several secret military bases.

To mark the fortieth anniversary of the events in broad haven gathered enthusiastic ufologists, including novelist Neil spring. At the meeting with the participation of local people enthusiasts discussed the new appearance of unidentified objects are, in fact, find themselves running the experimental apparatus with the nearby military base. However, former students insist that in 1977 they saw was a UFO.

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