Ghosts of mountains: The crying boy

In 1960 three young tourists, approximately at the end of October, went to conquer top of one of the known Caucasus Mountains. The campaign was organized in due form safety — with a mark at rescuers. Here, however, weather at this time — not the best for commission of ascensions…

Despite the strong wind with the broken rain, tourists reached to a mountain foot towards evening. It was decided to spend the night here. When put a tent, the rain passed into snow, and a wind amplified. The inventory was good, a tent reliable, so, that friends did not worry about anything and began to prepare for sleeping, after the dense dinner.

Suddenly, blocking wind howls, the strange outside was heard, inappropriate for a situation, a sound.

At first it was heard by one, then all three heard… children’s crying. So only the lonely, defenseless child of years of six could overstrain. All three were held down by a stupor. No, not noble feelings were restricted in their hearts, douches of three adult men terrible fear were cooled by awareness of impossibility of the events. Here, where prime people do not go, at night, in the middle of a fierce storm, the child cries…

But, nevertheless, being ashamed before friends, one of tourists made the decision to check what happens on the street.

It gathered and left at night.

He did not return, forcing to move off in searches of the second…

And the child continued to cry…

In two days because of not an exit of group to communication, to mountains the group of rescuers moved forward.

They found the brought by snow, shabby tent in a mountain foot. In a tent there was only one person. This gray-haired, gone crazy man, went on, having stared at an entrance: “He cries, he cries all the time!”.

Two others were found in hundred meters from a tent, the vmorozhennykh during snow. Faces both were disfigured by expression of extreme horror.

Of course, sceptics will tell supposedly a routine baize. And clever men will remember about forest animals mockers or about the acoustic effects created by wind in mountain narrow gorges.

So it so, but… say that there is a report of local Control rescue service on the strange death of two tourists and sending the single survivor from group to a psychiatric clinic with the diagnosis “An alienation because of the strongest nervous shock”.

So that’s that…

And old residents yes skilled tourists tell that during the most fierce bad weather in impassable mountains heart-breaking children’s crying sounds.

Grief to the one who will hear it…

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