In a cot, a ghost child was photographed

39-year-old Laura Haye and her partner 42-year-old Dean Evans from Plymouth (Devon, UK) installed a video surveillance system in the room of his 18-month-old son Sebastian. One day, when Dean was downstairs, and his son was sleeping in his crib at the top, a man on the screen saw the ghostly face of a second child lying next to his son …

Dean, in horror, immediately rushed upstairs to Sebastian’s bedroom to check what lay next to the child. He hoped that he just thought and that it would just be a teddy bear, but when he came running, next to the baby in the crib, there was nothing and nothing!

Meanwhile, a ghostly silhouette was still visible on the monitor next to the sleeping boy. In addition, over the crib of the child was photographed a bright white spot.

– My friends are sure that this is actually frightening. Whatever it was, it remained visible on the monitor to 1.30 and disappeared when I went to feed the baby, “says Dean Evans.” But during the night it reappeared, already in another place.

The phenomenon greatly frightened Dean, but Laura is more calm, she is sure that if this phenomenon really threatened their son, he would not sleep peacefully in the crib, but would begin to worry and cry.

The most interesting thing is that Laura and earlier noticed something abnormal in her house. Laura regularly hears strange sounds and finds pictures on the wall, which someone turns upside down.

She also is sure that their little Sebastian regularly observes something invisible (the ghost child?) Since he can suddenly start looking at something in an empty corner and even waving there with his hand or sitting in a crib, looking somewhere where No one is there, and smile.

In addition to Sebastian, the couple has two older children, but Laura assures that she can hear some children running upstairs while all of their children are downstairs on the ground floor or they are not at home at all. Sometimes she hears someone calling her by name, and when asked who called her, it turns out that no one at that moment pronounced her name.

Laura regretfully says that her partner Dean does not believe in these anomalous phenomena.

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Marina Novikova

I do not want to upset but it’s true, the fact is that the foundling needs the mother verbally to return, ie to send him to all hell and be sure to get a dog of a small breed but not a cat or cat, in the event that there is no opportunity to leave. And do not be afraid to swear. The dog will react to such places with a grin and a wool on end, good luck to your dog.

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