In Berdsk there is a Ghost

In one of the shopping centers of Novosibirsk, according to the staff, strange phenomena. One of the employees of TTS, who wished to remain unknown, told the following story:

— Video filmed at the meat Department at night. Hanging on the hanger apron. And suddenly he begins to stir, as if someone breaks into it from the inside. The fact is that at this time in a room with no drafts – doors and Windows are locked, and the apron made of heavy, rubberized fabric. These pictures were discovered by chance, and after I saw them, I have two days of goosebumps ran, — shared his impressions of the woman.

She added that working in a shop for a few months and she was not an eyewitness to any mysterious phenomena, but the guards have heard stories about strange sounds that are heard at night in the premises of the shopping center.

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