In New Mexico, a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Believers call this a miracle. People come from all corners to visit the church of Hobbs, having learned that the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe began to cry during the service.

“This is a miracle, nothing short of a miracle,” says Paul Campos, who visits the Guadaloupe Catholic Church.

The parishioners from all over New Mexico and Texas come here to see the miraculous sign with their own eyes.

“People are not too prepared for something like that. Many parishioners and visitors cry from what they saw. I immediately called a bishop from Las Cruces to figure out what I should do, because I had never encountered anything like this, “says the Reverend Jose Segura.

Jose Segura says that the parishioners noticed tears flowing from the eyes of the statue after the Sunday Mass.

“I noticed that many people approach the Mother of God and begin to touch it. That’s when everyone started to notice that she was crying. ”

“You can even feel her presence, you can smell the roses in her tears,” Campos said.

Believers who witnessed this, say that this is nothing but a miracle.

“I really saw tears dripping from the eyes of the statue and it’s just incredible,” said Marcelo Servin, who has been attending this church for about 10 years.

Archbishop Las Cruces was summoned for investigation. He says that the church conducts its investigation in a very scientific way.

Samples of tears from the statue’s eyes were taken for further analysis.

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