In Omsk, the Museum appeared ghosts

The footage you can see a mysterious paranormal activity in the Museum. Clear steps, sinister laughter and chilling groans. That in the Museum the night began to happen that something strange, a stranger telling is not accepted.

But the facts, which are becoming more and more a stubborn thing, and even researchers, who do not believe in mysticism, forced to admit to explain, for example, the appearance of luminous objects in the CCTV footage simply not possible.

– At 18.00, turned out the light, closed room, and the cameras recorded a large concentration of strange some substances that are just like a swarm of flies, running around the Museum. Had the protection of the open halls, but found nothing, but nevertheless the motion sensors worked all night and showed that in the hall someone is, – said the Deputy Director of the Omsk Museum of local lore Natalia Karbysheva.

A layman’s version of flying past the lens midges or butterflies in the Museum dismisses immediately. Absolutely all the exhibits are specifically processed with strong chemicals. As there are many items of leather, fabric and wood, which has more than one hundred and even a thousand years, the insects can simply destroy priceless artifacts.

– In the hall of the Omsk history of the 19th century there are very unusual things, especially near the window. Here are the flintlock sword and Mace, with whom the Cossacks took part in the actual fights, says the correspondent of the channel 12 Sergei Leskov.

But to the special energy emitted by the exhibits in the Museum are even very serious. This is an ancient temple of the Northern peoples. For the Khanty and Mansi – the sacred idols to worship, and their kidnapping is punishable by death. And a Museum employee who brought him to Omsk, almost paid for the discovery with his life.

– Employee of our Museum Andrew F. Palashenkov, later Director, made the Northern expedition, and she brought Mansi the temple. The temple he can say he took from a scientific point of view, and then the Northern people staged a hunt for him, and just boating with colleagues they have saved, – said the Deputy Director of the Omsk Museum of local lore Natalia Karbysheva.

By the way, according to one version, a group of tourists mysteriously dead in the Dyatlov pass in the Northern Urals, just came across this temple. And his anger of the guardians was terrible. Coincidence or not, but every time idols lifted out of the vault in the Museum there are mysterious things. Here and now – barely the exhibition began to mount, as the ghosts manifested themselves.

In the hall of history beginning of the 20th century is also presented very many interesting exhibits. From the first in the city car up to the guns of the red army, which was raised from day of the river om. There is a plaster sculpture of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, around which the Museum staff also noticed a lot of glowing balls.

But during filming in the hall of archaeology, which the most ancient finds, suddenly the lights went out, and stopped working the camera. No steps or extraneous sounds we have not heard, but the room immediately left. Who knows, maybe the Museum didn’t want to reveal all his secrets. And disclose only to those who are not afraid to come to the show.

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