In the Altai mountain Altyn-Tu is a base of UFO?

This ridge, whose length is about 70 km, is located in the North-East of the Altai. Since the locals consider Altyn-Tu sacred mountain.

Here’s what he wrote about this Explorer of the Altai Republic Vladimir Sapozhnikov:

“At the South-Western corner of lake Teletskoye… piled first terrace Altyn-Tagan, or Altyn Tuu — the Golden mountain. Steep, almost inaccessible slopes of the mountain in some places overgrown with bushes and tufts of dry grass, in some places bare rocks are falling steeply, in some places clung leaning larch… Altaians there is no need to go there, and between them spread a belief that the top of Altyn-Tu sacred, and any attempt to mount her perfume hid her daring eyes, hiding in clouds”.

On the southern shore of the Teletskoye lake is a tourist camp and on the ridge in the years of the Soviet Union took part of the tourist route № 77, a very popular planned route.

The name Altyn-Tu is translated into the Russian language as “gold mountain.” Many legends associated with this place. Including the legend that the first man Midare was created by the Supreme spirit Ulgener it is on this mountain.

In recent years, local hunters, mushroom pickers and herbalists say that on the mountain itself and surrounding territories observed daily flying alien ships of various forms. A few people have admitted to having been abducted by aliens and subjected to strange experiments. Fortunately, the contactees were returned.

Something similar happened with a kind of Vladimir Century, who hunted in the woods near the mountains of Altyn-Tu. Suddenly he heard a sharp sound, like a whistle, and a moment later before his eyes everything swam and he lost consciousness.

Vladimir woke up in a strange room, devoid of Windows and doors. The walls were covered with an unknown solid and warm material silver color. Hunter tried to get out of a certain similarity of a couch on which he lay, but his legs and arms would not obey him.

After a while the wall is the doorway through which got into the room a few humanoids. They are distinguished by the short stature, the hands of humanoids were long and the head large. Vladimir could see the eyes of aliens — they were facetitem.

After that the man lost consciousness again and woke up again in the forest, in the very place where he became ill. As it turned out, there was no hunter more than 3 weeks.

Any damage to the health of Vladimir alien guests did not cause. But after meeting with them, a hunter discovered a new, amazing abilities. For example, it turned out that somehow he managed to learn a few foreign languages, including Latin. Even more surprising was the fact that now the hunter from a distant, remote village can boast a one hundred percent literacy.

Check out this and other facts yet skilled ufologists.

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