In the Internet appeared the possessed doll

There are many books and horror movies, which featured the doll where the evil spirits dwell. But how can you believe in such stories in the twenty-first century? However, such information appears regularly on the Network and always attracts… And some specially becoming “enchanted” toys, to see their “behavior” with my own eyes…

The devil-doll from Singapore

On one of the streets of Singapore last year found discarded doll. It was stained dress with lace, and her eyes were tied with a piece of cloth with the inscription “bismillah” (“in the name of Allah”). Immediately rumors that not for nothing have the blindfolded doll — like, inside the toy is hidden a devil, and one who will remove her blindfold, will incur the curse…

Photos of the doll, as with a bandage, and without it, were posted on a news site Reddit. “Some argue that, being alone in the room, the doll begins to speak and turn his head in different directions, writes the author. — She talks in Malay, and her voice is very similar to the female”.

It is not known who took the doll off the street, but soon after she disappeared, the city was suicide and brutal murder, which rumor links it with the wiles of the “devil’s” toys…

Spirit auction

In the same 2014 network eBay auction was put up an old doll, inside of which, according to its owner, is enclosed by an evil spirit. It is unknown how the doll came into the house of the women, but she said that with the advent of toys in her house started to happen some hell: children in the morning woke up with scratches on the skin, the mistress’s unknown where did the bruise, and sometimes the doll “talked childish voice”… However, the woman still managed to sell a sinister toy for 108 pounds. Who dare to buy it, remains a mystery.

Sinister Peggy

Jane Harris is head of the Association “Possessed doll”, whose office is located in the English County of Shropshire. It all started with a doll named Peggy, which a woman acquired from some men. According to the former owner, since Peggy appeared at his house, he suffered from nightmares and had an inexplicable physical ailment.

Harris has posted photos and video of Peggy on YouTube. Soon, she began to write users complaining of unpleasant symptoms manifested them after looking at the doll: someone suffered from headaches, someone nausea, and one woman even a heart attack… “All I have received complaints from more than 80 people,” says Harris. One lady said as she opened the photo with Peggy, her computer froze and the temperature in the room plummeted.

Then, says woman, she felt the presence of someone in the room and even heard that someone was moving around her. Then I put Peggy in an isolated place and turned to her with a request to stop torturing people. And, it seems, everything is back to normal”.

Cowgirl on YouTube

47-year-old Jennifer Johnson of the American city of Cleveland, Ohio, is interested in collecting different “paranormal” artifacts. Among the exhibits of her collection, for example, a ring which is put on the finger, as the man begin to torment headaches and hallucinations… Or vanity mirror, which is a few minutes longer, can be discerned behind the transparent silhouette of an old lady…

From the British military headphones, not plugged into anything, can hear strange noises like interference and scraps of someone’s votes… handkerchief and dried it with a drop of blood appears spontaneously in one or in another place of the house…

Jennifer recently bought a doll depicting a shepherdess. The doll’s green eyes, wearing a hat, in her hand she holds a staff… for some reason, the toy gives people a feeling of depression. The person who sold it to Jennifer, said that in the doll possessed by the soul of 13-year-old Ann, who died of tuberculosis somewhere at the turn of XIX and XX centuries. The history of the spirit allegedly wrote on a piece of paper while the owner wasn’t home… unfortunately, it is not limited to the letter. Doll she turned her head, walked around the house and sometimes the owner heard her laughing in an empty room…

Jennifer decided to test whether Anne there is something unusual. To do this, she has established in his house a camera that was broadcasting around the clock the image of the doll on YouTube. Next to Anne was the clock and an electromagnetic detector. Some users claimed to have seen the doll turns his head and wiggles his stick, and the arrow of the detector at this time begins to move. Once the stream suddenly broke off, and soon Jennifer reported that found the camera is disconnected from the wall outlet. Is this the handiwork of the doll?

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