In the sky above Alabama, we noticed a figure walking along the clouds – GOD?

Witnesses of what happened can be understood, and what else comes to mind when you see the figure of a person walking through the clouds. He only looks like a human being or rather a humanoid, but who else can walk on clouds in the sky?

Of course, there is another option that it is an alien walking or a ghost walking in the sky or a window opened in Paradise … Each version sounds even more surprising than the previous one.

Everything happened in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, when one of the local tornado hunters took off the approach of a powerful storm. It is worth noting that all that is happening that you can look at the video he uploaded, he shot in real time, broadcasting video on his channel in Youtube.

Sol Dolo shot the sky filled with clouds and commented, – Hey friends we are seeing the approach of a strong storm. A strong wind has already risen, which even bends the tops of the trees.

– Look at this hole opened in the sky. All around is tightened with a dense layer of clouds, and here through them you can see how the sunlight breaks through. That’s who has the real power, everything is subject to the Sun.

Later, when he stopped broadcasting the video, he did not even realize that he had captured something completely phenomenal. People who watched the video noticed how in this shining gleam among the clouds slowly a huge figure resembles a human silhouette. Passes directly to the clouds.

On the frames, you can clearly see that the figure has legs and arms and head. Visually there is a resemblance to us – people, only none of us is able to walk on clouds.

Many immediately assumed that this is none other than God himself, walking in the sky. There are also those who believe that this is something paranormal, maybe a ghost. Very impressive video.

By the way, if you look at it attentively, although it is quite difficult considering the low quality of the broadcast video, you can see that there are two, not one, figures in the sky. One tall silhouette goes first, followed by a second lower growth.

Who is it or what is it? An amazing event …

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