July 21, the Messiah was born. The end of time is getting closer?

The rabbis claim that the Messiah was born on July 22, 2018, and the world is now entering the final stages of the end times.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the leading Jewish scholars of the world, believes that this Saturday the “Savior” was born.

The world is on the verge of big changes, entering the Messianic age. It is predicted that this means the end of the world, as we know it, the entry into the Kingdom of God.

Kanievsky said that he considers the current tendencies of “hatred towards those who study the Bible” to be consistent with the prophecy of the Messiah.

He added that “This generation shows absolute hatred for those who study the Bible, especially in recent years. We see that all the conditions described in the Talmud appear before us. It is for this reason that we expect the appearance of the Messiah at any time, with God’s help. ”

He added that he is confident that the Messiah was born this Saturday, based on reading the ancient texts – since it was a Jewish holiday Tisha B’Av. Tisha B’Av is an annual day in which there are catastrophes in the history of the Jewish people.

This marks the destruction of the two churches in Jerusalem – with the construction of the third, which is the key to the prophecy of the Jewish Messiah.

Rabbi Kanievsky said: “It seems to me that the sages intended to teach us that even when the temple is destroyed, in any case there is an Atonement. And the Messiah actually exists and lives among us. He passes from one body to another in every generation. ”

Meanwhile, another rabbi said that the decision of US President Donald Trump to move the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is part of the Messianic prophecy.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss said that, in his opinion, Trump’s decision on the embassy is the first stage of reaching the end of days.

And then the third rabbi Pinchas Winston said that the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel “This is a biblical, prophetic crisis.”

Rabbi Kanievsky said: “At the moment we are in the period shortly before sunrise. The signs of redemption appear slowly, but the Messiah himself must show himself to the world. “

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