Lucid dreaming

People of different professions and ages, once “realized”, I can’t stop. Travel in the dream other worlds are breathtaking, and the usual night’s rest turns into unrealistic extreme. To visit Paris, become a billionaire, a famous actor – in a lucid dream everything is possible.

School of extracorporal travel

Conventional Ulan-Ude one bedroom apartment. Kitchen, hallway, hallway and one of the rooms look humdrum, nothing special. But the atmosphere is a little strange: there’s no furniture on the floor in rows, lay some mats and mattresses. Near Windows with black-out curtains, a chair with a blanket. As it turns out, here are some of Ulan-audience such first tasted what a dream come true.

– We are not a sect, not drug addicts and psychos – smiles Dmitry Kukshinov, one of the practitioners of lucid dream. Here I sometimes give lessons to those who want to be discovered. Myself I’ve been doing this a little over a year. So he is just learning. And become a teacher I’m not going to. Taught my friend, he’s still someone told, and so word of mouth got to me. People call, ask me to show – you have to help. Absolutely free, just to me is very interesting.

The essence of this practice is simple. We are all accustomed to the fact that at night we see the dreams. At the same time we like someone shows a movie, without asking, whether we want or don’t want to see now this film. People who practice lucid dreams, they themselves dictate the rules. They dream about what they want. And they can do in a dream all I wanted the day before, lying in bed. The key is to learn basic things: to be able to get right into a particular dream, to be able in a dream to define and to realize that you’re sleeping now, and so on.

My first lucid dream Dmitry remembered in detail. Such vivid sensations he’s never experienced.

– A great feeling! Very bright and nothing like that. Realizing that you are in a dream, you know that you can do whatever you want. And it is real. Of course, the first thing I decided to try it, is to fly. Probably, many people have a dream since childhood. And I did it! All sensations, images, emotions – everything was real.

After the first successful experience Dmitry has not found a place. All the time wanted to go to bed. But as it turned out, not so simple. Next time nothing came of it. And then again and misses again. Then had to take the books to study the experience of other people, to understand their mistakes. Began to get better. But until then “realized” it turns out not every night. But Dmitry is not going to give up.

5 minutes whole life

Natalia Alekseeva, too, can see lucid dreams. She that no one had studied independently gathered information in the Network.

– I got it on the first try. But for the first time throws very quickly. Literally in moments. You don’t have anything really to do. And so a few times a night – I think, and I again go there. Gradually time in a lucid dream began to increase, the emissions become less frequent back. By the way, in the dream, time seemed to stretch. You sleep for only five minutes, and in the dream, the feeling that you’re there for a long time. It always happens in different ways: sometimes did you spend hours, sometimes months, and sometimes seemed to live a life, – says Natalia.

Like Dmitry, Natalia started flying. Then moved on to travel. Like many other women, she always dreamed of going to Paris. Now the opportunity she had.

– I wandered through Paris streets, I saw people around looking at sights, it was interesting, ” recalls Natalia.

After exotic desires the woman decided to recall the Affairs of the earth. She suddenly wanted to see the dear people whom she had not seen and who live in other cities and countries. It was after these dreams something happened that she never expected. The dream and reality were linked.

– Once again I was aware of and wished to visit his old friend, Vadim, who had not seen a long time ago. He lives in Novosibirsk. I photo in social networks have already seen what he looks like. And in the dream he was the same. We chatted, laughed, I wandered around his apartment, watching how he lives. Waking up the next day, I decided to contact him.

Vadim laughed, knowing that an hour ago he was talking to Natasha. Neither in the dream nor in reality he didn’t felt. The playful mood vanished in that moment, when she began to tell the friend about what she saw in his apartment, what furniture there and where everything is. With few exceptions, all the descriptions match with reality.

– That was my first experience with something fantastic. It was scary, but still interesting. Since then there were other moments that I also was struck and sunk into the soul. My friends who do such things, also told me about her experience the same “clairvoyance”, – says Natalya.

According to Natasha, the experiment is as follows. Before sleep the person is not looking any opens the book and puts it on the table beside him. Importantly – in any case not to look at the numbers of opened pages. Then a person falls asleep, one becomes conscious in a dream. Out of his body and is suitable to the book. Remembers the page number. Wake up, check the numbers. As a rule, the number indicates the number of an open page, seen in a dream, always the same as the one in reality.

Endless possibilities

But all of these little miracles were nothing in comparison with what in fact can give lucid dreams. Natalia sure that during this sleep the person is connected to an information field of the Earth’s biosphere, and so this time he can ask any questions and to receive on them irrefragable answers. By the way, unlike Natalia, other “hackers dream” explain the prophecy of dreams hints to the subconscious, which, as we know, knows all about everything.

One way or another, but burglars dream believe that dream is possible not only to learn the truth about his life, any person, or to make the right decision in the vital question, but also to learn something useful.

– On the one hand, it’s fun. But there is another side. This may be an unusual form of education. If you have the desire to learn and become stronger in something, welcome to the dream, ” laughs Natasha. Here you can learn any business or to acquire some skills: driving, swimming, skating – it could be anything. You can also work with your fears and complexes.

Most practicing lucid dreaming do not think about that and where it comes from. They just get so much pleasure from happening. But isn’t there some trap? After all, to infiltrate the laws of nature, as we know, is always fraught with consequences.

Scientifically proven, but not proven

Interestingly, the Church into this experience is condescending. In the practice of lucid dreams no obscurantism or introduction of the forbidden in Ulan-Ude diocese saw.

I don’t see how this applies to us as well. Most likely, we are talking about the relationship with the unconscious, what did Freud and Jung. All this is very close to the field of psychology. By the way, the Salvador Dali his paintings were painted by the images taken from the dreams. And such examples are many, starting with Mendeleev and ending with Freud, – says Alexey Shevtsov, head of the Department on interrelations of the Church with society and the media.

However, the Church has its opinion on dreams.

– During sleep the person does not belong. Therefore, seeing a “prophetic” dream or seeing the saints, he could believe what he was told in a dream. But which side of this dream came from, nobody knows. Therefore, we say that we should not believe and follow the dreams in everyday life and, especially, to decipher their dreams, to look into the different dream books.

According to father Alexey, perhaps such practice and entertaining. But nothing more interesting than life itself, has not yet been invented.

– Life is much more interesting. And it’s too limited time to devote to her such things as computer games, virtual reality or such dreamy things as dreams. Especially since there is a danger too carried away. The same Jung is far brought, and then he left with his head in the esoteric and the occult. A man opens a hole in my soul through these exercises that there and then penetrate – he will not be able to control.

Psychologist Oksana Simonov considers the phenomenon of lucid dreaming scientifically proven phenomenon. However, at the same time, this area is not sufficiently studied by scientists, and therefore, can have pitfalls. Because all people are different, for one such exercises are safe, and others can result in psychological or even mental problems: the emergence of a prolonged depression, the development of schizophrenia or even multiple personality disorder.

– Imagine living in the world man. He had many ambitions and plans, but life has been different: wealth is not amassed his apartment and no. On the personal front too, a complete fiasco. And then he started to realize dreams. And became at least in a dream from Almighty God. There he is lucky, kissed by fate. A lot of money, women, power, the ability to carry out any desire. Every time I Wake up, he will regret that it was only a dream. The difference between the two worlds is so striking that people can withdraw into themselves, to fall into depression. And there is not far to more serious problems, – says Oksana Simonova.

According to psychologist, the inadequate perception of the real world may appear, if a person has mental health problems, the presence of phobias or predisposition thereto, as well as if there is a disease or condition in which undesirable bright emotional impressions and experiences.

But in General, if no to the above contraindications, I have nothing against such activities. The main thing – to understand for yourself why you need it. If broadening horizons is one thing. But if you resort to the practice of managing sleep to escape from reality, then you should think, do you bring your life satisfaction and what problems you are hiding in a world of dreams, – sums up Oksana Simonova.

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