“Naked witches” on surveillance camera: strange footage from a backyard garden

Canadian nurse Corinea Stanhope was horrified when she found two half-naked women on surveillance video “dining” on a deer carcass in her backyard garden. A pair of “witches” with long black hair, wearing only a piece of cloth to cover their buttocks, sat over the dead animal and reached out with their long fingers before taking a bite.

The shocked nurse immediately shared her observations with her grandfather Bob, who was with her at the time. They had previously set up a security camera to see what animals would show up in their garden at night. But what they saw was much weirder than they expected.

Corinea says she was terrified, as her house is only a two-minute walk from where these “witches” were captured. She keeps her three horses on the same property and was concerned about what they might be doing to her animals at night.

The photos she posted on social media sparked the interest of locals. Some are convinced that she caught on camera “naked witches,” evil spirits and demons, or a local cult performing a magical ritual.

Corinea says there are rumors around town about a cult that collects animal bones. Horses are always very frightened and nervous at this place. At first she did not pay attention to the horses’ behavior, but now she begins to believe that something strange is going on.

Corinea was going to call the police, but Bob pointed out that legally these “witches” were not doing anything illegal.

Judging from the footage, there were not only “witches” there, but also a “witch doctor” really quite dressed up. It’s a strange story…

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