Perfume in the mountains

The mountains have long fascinated and frightened people with their mystery and unknownness. Many of them are surrounded by aura of mystical legends, for example, about otherworldly creatures that live there.

Mountain host

According to beliefs, lived in the mountains of special spirits, which they called – mountain. They guarded the local places, did not allow strangers there, and sometimes helped those in trouble.

Extensive material on mountain spirits was collected in 1923-1925 by a researcher and folklorist Alexander Misyurev. Basically, there were stories of former gold mining workers of Mountain Shoria. They said that before the Revolution the Mountain Host was mentioned in these parts even more often than God. And they said a little: “Naklikhet Gorny!”

So, in the faces it was impossible to whistle. If anyone dared, then for a long time there was a whistle from everywhere. It was especially scary at night alone.

Once, a worker named Ogarkov, having drunk, began to urge:

-Hey, Mountain, come out to fight!

Then, when he was walking with his comrades from the mines, he suddenly stopped and began to wave his fists. It seems like a fight entered with someone invisible to the rest … And then began to somersault over the snow all in the blood, as if he really was beaten. Somehow, with prayers, we reached our barracks. They locked themselves up and all night they trembled with fear. A Ogarkov was completely beaten, day lay.

Another worker once came home, and the children say that a big guy came, drove them from the middle of the house to the corner. The worker asked that they give his family another home. But even there it was “unclean”. In the evenings the door opened by itself. The dog barked heavily. Once the peasant and his wife decided to go and see who he was barking at. They left and collided with the guest uninvited “with a forest of growth.” They did not remember how they fled home …

The head of the family decided that Gorny should be cajoled. I went to the glade, put a bottle of alcohol and a tobacco pouch, asked the Mountain Master not to be angry. Three days later everything disappeared, and since then no one bothered the worker’s family.

An elderly woman went to visit one of the daughters and got lost. It began to get dark, it began to rain. The woman sat under the fir tree, trembling with cold. Suddenly, according to her, from the thicket came “a man as tall as a rock about two heads.” Between them there was such a dialogue:

“Are you sitting, baba?”

– I’m sitting.

– Shaking?

– I’m shaking.

– Well, shake.

Then the muzhik disappeared, and the woman only in the morning, when it was light, she could return home. Three days she was shaking, and since then she was afraid to go to visit her daughters.

On Andoba, workers once heard how the caretaker was calling for dinner. Yes, for some reason, it’s very loud roars. We went out – and there was nobody there. They told the inspector – and he realized that it was Gorny called, ordered to splash his vodka.

Mistress of Copper Mountain

Another well-known in the folklore of the mountain spirit is the famous Mistress of the Copper Mountain (Malachitnitsa) – a mythical image of the mistress of the Ural Mountains, the keeper of precious rocks and stones. She sometimes appears before the people in the form of a beautiful woman with an oblique and ribbons of thin clinking copper, in a dress from “silk malachite”, and sometimes – in the form of a lizard in the crown.

Mistress of Copper Mountain on postage stamps. Russia, 2004

The image became popular after the publication of PP Bazhov’s collection of tales of the “Malachite Box”. In the tale “The Stone Flower” with the hostess of the Copper Mountain, the master of Danila meets whom she helps her to reveal her talent. “Copper Mountain Mistress” – one of the most famous tales of the Russian writer Pavel Bazhov (1879 – 1950). The tale was first published in 1936. Copper Mountain is the name of the copper mine Gumeshki in the Urals.

When writing the stories PP Bazhov based on oral traditions, heard by him in his childhood from miners in 1892-1895. The image of the Mistress of the Copper Mountain or Malachitnitsa in mountain-working folklore has different options: the Mountain uterus, the stone maid, the golden woman, the girl Azovka, the mountain spirit, the mountain elder, the mountain master. All these folklore characters are the custodians of the riches of the mountain bowels.

Malachitnitsa patronizes people who in the mountains at her stone mined, who sees the beauty of the stone and works on the stone does not regret, teaches his secret art – as the most hidden, hidden beauty of the stone “release”. Greedy and cruel punishes, turning a valuable stone into an empty breed, or even a human body – into a stone.

In the mountains of the Mistress are such mansions, which, perhaps, were not dreamed of mortal. But a man voluntarily can not enter the underground palace of her. Only if the Mistress opens the door in front of him. And the doors in her in every cave, in each mine, in each tunnel are available.

Many people would like to get acquainted with her and visit guests, because the Mistress has such a pleasant habit: to present guests with new knowledge, with new skills and with just a handful of precious stones. But only it is better not to strive for this. Because the Mistress is the most unclean force, the more evil Poloza and the serpents at times, – cruel and heartless, but just the ruler of the mountains, like any deity of the pre-Christian era.

And, by the way, for everything that the Mistress of Copper Mountain will present, always then to pay exorbitantly it is necessary: ​​misfortunes or early death, or illness any – bodily or sincere. But the easy life of those whom the Mistress noticed and greeted does not happen. As they say in the Urals:

“Here it is, what kind of – Copper Mountain Mistress! It is not enough to meet with her – grief, and good – little joy. ”

She does not like it when someone else in her mountains commands, only her the right to give and take, punish and pardon. And the stone obeys and under her hands as the water flows: it can sink into the depths of the earth, and can spill out onto the surface, can a person wrap around like a shroud and so freeze.

In Sibai old residents of the underground mine told such a story. One miner went into the slaughter and while he was performing the outfit, an unfamiliar woman came up to him and said that he would walk faster to his partner, he felt bad. The miner ran to the side where the woman showed, and suddenly on the spot where he stood a few seconds ago, there was a collapse.

Running to his partner, the man saw that he calmly did his job. And then it dawned upon him that there could be no woman in the mine. Then they said that it was the Mistress of the Copper Mountain.

Builders from the planet Phaeton

The teacher Natalia Kazimirskaya – comes from the village of Kondoma, Kemerovo region. In her childhood, near the village near the village stood a stone sculpture of six meters high with rough-hewn features on two cubes-pedestals. Called this stone giant – Man Mountain.

Suddenly, after many years, the Man-Mountain began to dream of Natalia, calling to him … One evening before going to bed a woman heard a sound as if stones were pouring in, and behind him a voice:

“We’re waiting for you, girl.”

Oddly enough, Natalia was not even surprised at this: her grandfather was a fortuneteller and made amulets for soldiers leaving for the front, and the grandmother treated with prayers. Natalia herself was once told that she was the bearer of a shamanic gift.

Kazimirskaya was able to get to that place in the taiga where the Man-Mountain was. And found a nearby wall, composed of rectangular stone blocks. Immediately there was a door with a face. It seems that here in ancient times some kind of construction was conducted.

The woman sat on a stone and fell into an altered state of consciousness, in which she spoke in an unfamiliar hissing language with those ancient builders. They told her that they are called asuras and came to Earth from the planet Phaeton, fleeing from some dark ones.

On Earth, the aliens began to build protective installations that reflect negative energy. The Asuras told Natalia that they were giants and that they have descendants among the earthlings. In the end, according to the asuras, the dark found them on our planet. The souls of those who spoke to the woman remained in a stone trap.

Closing her eyes, Kazimierz “saw” how a luminous sphere flew from her, into which lightning strikes from the nearest rock began.

Later, Natalia read that the Asura race once lived on Earth. They built three cities, one of which was called Iron. Maybe Natalia just visited the ruins of this city?

Asuras – in Hinduism, low-ranking deities, sometimes called demons, titans, demigods, anti-gods, giants

By the way, in 2013 in the area of ​​Mount Kulyum at an altitude of more than a kilometer a similar structure was found, near which the expedition of the research association Kosmopoisk recently visited. It is possible that all these are the remains of one megapolization.

One of the participants of the expedition “Kosmopoisk” right in the tent was a vision – a girl in a light dress and a man walking silently along the corridor. Probably, it was a chronomirazh – phantoms of people who once lived here.

Mountain spirit Ryubetsal

Rybetsal is the famous spirit of the Krkonoše Mountains in Silesia and Bohemia (Sudety), the underground king, the lord of the dwarves, one of the central figures in all Germanic mythology.

Ryubetsal was the embodiment of bad weather, the guardian of underground treasures. His possessions stretched for 780 km deep into the earth, and on the surface he owned a small forest plot in the mountainous Bohemia. Here he was sometimes seen as an old man, physically he could take any image: from an old grandmother to a bat, or a toad, or could become a giant.

Rybetsal is considered good-natured, but quick-tempered. He helps good people, evil causes trouble, knocking him out of the way and directing him to the abyss. First appeared in German legends and legends in the 15th century. His 3.5-meter sculpture, carved from a single piece of stone, was sculptured by an unknown sculptor in the 15th and 16th centuries, in a forest on top of a mountain, long before the Rübezahl castle of the same name was built near it.

As in the past pagan times, people come to the monument with flowers and, performing an uncomplicated ritual, make a secret wish, which, as the centuries-old practice shows, will necessarily be fulfilled if your heart and thoughts are pure.

Rybetsal is a hero of many myths, fairy tales, books about him have been published, films have been made. Rybetsal can heal your ailments, and the hotel is in the field of its good energy. Today the Ryubetsal Monument is a historically protected object that is located in the hotel park.

The most famous of the fairy tales plays the etymology of the name “Ryubetsal”, which literally means “counting turnips”: ”

Repniy King stole a real human princess and dragged her into his kingdom, under the ground. The princess was homesick, she missed her court ladies, her favorite dogs. The ruler of the turnips decided to console her: she turned one turnip into such and such a court lady, the other into another, made everyone; From small turnips he made dogs, exactly like those real ones.

The princess was delighted. But the joy did not last long. Three days later, the young ladies began to dry and wither; The dogs were decrepit, so they could not get up from the pillows. Dog this old age, unnaturally fast (only three days!) Was explained by the fact that both dogs and maid of honor – were repnye.

Mirages of Ayyrtau

All kinds of mirages in the mountains are not uncommon. So, at the top of Mount Ayyrtau, which is in the east of Kazakhstan, some tourists have strange hallucinations. For example, Arseniy Smirnov from Novosibirsk told that the land around the mountain mass suddenly began to sway like sea waves.


Other travelers said that in the folds of the rocks they imagined some figures with burning eyes. And to some people there was a dull rumble and blows coming from the bowels of the earth.

According to one version, the mountain chain of Ayrtau is the fragments of a comet that once crashed into the Earth. Indeed, the stones that make up these mountains have an unusually rich black color and poorly fit into the surrounding landscape.

Baby crying

There are stories and more terrible. In the late 60s of the last century, in the autumn, three climbers organized a campaign to one of the Caucasian peaks. They were not bothered by the bad weather – wind and snow and rain … By the evening, reaching the foot of the mountain, the tourists put up a tent, had supper and gathered to spend the night.

Suddenly, all three heard a strange sound outside the tent. There was no doubt: it was a child crying. One of the travelers decided to leave the tent and check – if suddenly there really is someone there?

In vain the remaining tourists waited for the comrade-he did not return. Then the second climber went in search of the departed. All this time the children’s crying did not stop.

After the group did not make contact for two days, a rescue expedition was organized. Rescuers found a snow-tented tent in which there was only one person. He was completely gray-haired, he did not remind him of the guy he was just a few days ago … Besides, it seems, his sanity was confused.

– He cries, he cries all the time! Repeated the unhappy man.

The corpses of two of his comrades were found 100 meters from the tent. Both were frozen in the snow. And both faces were distorted from wild horror …

The survivor was sent to a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of mental disorder on the basis of a severe nervous shock. A local old-timers immediately remembered the legend that sometimes in the fierce weather in the mountains a heart-rending child’s cry is heard, and woe to the one who hears it!

Girl on a rock

They say that if a person is killed in the mountains, his spirit is doomed to wander in the places of death. In any case, ghosts in the highlands appear quite often.

Less than a year ago, on the site, a user under the name SlicedUpBeef posted a picture taken by his cousin in the Dundas peak area (Hamilton, Canada). The photo captured a fuzzy figure of a thin tall girl with dark hair standing on a steep slope, dressed in black trousers and a white sweater.

The point is that this place is practically inaccessible to a man, and hardly anyone could stand there so calmly. By the way, the author of the photo was taking photos of her friend at the time and did not notice any girl …

Most likely, SlicedUpBeef believes, the camera captured the ghost of a girl who committed suicide with herself. Dundas has a reputation for being the peak of suicides – at least twice a year someone jumps from here down. And since the mountain is high enough, there are no chances to survive.

However, skeptics believe that many “supernatural” phenomena are the result of various electromagnetic, acoustic and other mountain natural anomalies that affect the human psyche. Although we can all explain rationally?

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