Phenomenon of “Invisible walls”

Let’s provide such situation: the person walks, for example, on a kitchen garden… and suddenly notices on the site of some suspicious people doing something unclear sees someone else’s, unknown machines, an unusual type aggregates, and in attempt to approach unknown — comes across an invisible wall.

We already got used that the person (mankind) is a masterpiece, the tsar of the nature and the individual owner of own planet. For the simple reason — there are no other applicants. Animals, even exceeding us in development, scientists declared underdeveloped “younger brothers”, and alien humanoids — nonexistent.

Nevertheless one our habit to this thought isn’t enough. Mysterious newcomers fly over our heads where and when to them likes. There are enough phenomena strange and unsolved in our life too, and we look at them with the same awe with what the gorilla or a chimpanzee, including themselves, and not without justification, the owner of the jungle from a distance looks at fires of human settlements.

But whether build “others” structures on “our” Earth in addition to and contrary to a will of people?

Let’s lay still aside the Egyptian pyramids, the Baalbek terrace, the Nazca plateau, statues of Easter and a construction of Stonehenge. All of them, according to archeologists, are created by primitive instruments of labor, and powerful newcomers if took part in their creation, then only in imaginations of ufologists.

At present we, for example, don’t know than and as we will build in the 22nd century, and also — as it is done by “them”. One is clear: whatever mechanisms on building were used (plasma, thermonuclear or regular rusty), will always be urgent governed: “Don’t stand under an arrow” and “The entrance is prohibited to strangers”. Means, it is necessary to look for… barriers of buildings what was behind them!

Walls around the UFO

Ufologists know about the invisible barriers arising around the UFO after their landing long ago. A measure this not superfluous, considering customs of terrestrial soldiery.

But cases of emergence of the same invisible fencings around, for example, of the wood, a meadow or the naked plain are fixed. What for? There newcomers are busy with the affairs too or there are a wish to remain “untouchable” to other invisible entities?

Walls on roads

Perhaps, the stories assembled below will also seem unconvincing. However it happened actually. And still the explanation of these events wasn’t found.

In November, 1960 Mrs. Dorothy Strong went to a motor cab on one of the otterburnskikh of roads to Nortunberlende (the car passed just in those places where in the 14th century there took place big battle). Later it described an event so:

“Unexpectedly the motor of the car decayed, the counter began to turn as mad, and me… it seemed that it rested against an invisible wall. From all directions we were surrounded by soldiers (!) who then were dissolved in air”.

After the publication of this case it became clear that locals faced also more than once on this place an invisible barrier.

In 1975 the similar wall arose near parking in Durham (Northern England). At least four drivers tried to drive back run on the cars on an empty seat and… rested against an invisible barrier.

Mrs. Dilys Kant described the feelings so: “As though you drive a wheel on the sidewalk, but… there is no sidewalk!”

As soon as for examination there arrived the police, the strange effect disappeared.

Some manage even to touch a transparent barrier. If the wall though is slightly turbid as if the thin plastic tense on an invisible frame, it quite often burns fingers as it was in 1989 with 16-year-old Natalya from Nalchik (such transparent plane someone tried to lift it in air), but most often such barriers remind “something elastic, like rubber, on a steel liner”.

It is worth pressing slightly stronger — and you will feel absolutely resistant barrier. But also in that, and in other case the ephemeral wall is the beautiful unilateral sound isolation center.

Soundproof “walls” and “traps”

There are several stories. In Gallatin (USA) there was a case to disappearance of the person after which a long time seekers heard its shouts, and the missing, judging by cries, didn’t hear answers. Directly in full view of the friend David Lang to whom went on a visit the judge Augustus Peck was gone.

Except Lang who looked out of a window, disappearance of the judge was seen by numerous neighbors. At first thought that Peck fell in some hole, searched all meadow about 20 hectares, but didn’t find holes.

After a while Lang’s children found out that where the judge was gone, the grazed animals didn’t touch a grass, having left the round site with a diameter of 6 m. There from this circle children also heard shouts of the judge about the help. Since then shouts as if proceeding from depth, heard every day, but gradually they became more silent and more silent.

Unfortunately, in messages on this incident it wasn’t specified whether people in a circle came…

Judging by the stated below cases, there are circles which to enter not easy, if at all perhaps.

In 1935 in Mayo (Britain) near the hill known in the district as the Fort of fairies, the page girl who was sent on affairs to the neighboring village was gone. Searches weren’t crowned with success, however itself gone soon weakened came back home and told a strange story: hardly she wanted to come out of the wood on a glade as she felt “a strange push, it proceeded rather from within, than outside”.

The girl again fruitlessly tried to rise by a hill slope, then decided to make it where for the first time entered the wood. It returned and… felt that it “is surrounded by an invisible wall through which can’t pass”. It stayed in a transparent trap several hours, constantly driving on firm walls hands and looking for an exit.

Soon there were groups of rescuers — people passed less than in two tens meters, but didn’t see the girl swinging hands and didn’t hear her desperate calls for help. At the same time she heard each word being on other side of a wall. When people left, the wall suddenly disappeared. The girl didn’t grope a hand of a habitual barrier and rushed from an invisible trap.

At the end of August, 1998 the Omsk region (Russia) was visited by group of researchers from Naberezhnye Chelny led by Tamara Ermakova. Ermakova’s group first of all moved to the area the Shaitan lake, but half-way the local warned that here “it is possible to disappear”, and showed safer way to the lake.

The group nevertheless got lost though the purpose was near. Tamara lost the others and “felt unusual silence and unclear isolation from the world of people”. Having stopped at a lonely tree, she intuitively took a sharp step forward — and directly sounds and a regular condition returned. Immediately voices of other participants of a campaign who saw the head, as if “come up from nowhere” reached…

Magic walls

References of “devil’s places” and “forts of fairies” can be traced throughout human history. Was considered, for example, that fairies can deliver a transparent forbidden wall on the road conducting in their kingdom.

Ancient wisdom warns: if you rest on complete to a skak against an invisible barrier, at once look forward, without blinking, between ears of the horse and, perhaps, you will see a round dance of fairies or the chertik which stopped you.

“In case of what here a horse?” — the reader can ask. Most likely, horses, as well as all animals, unlike adults, see these beings.

Witches successfully made the same, for example, in revenge for refusal to give a ride to them on the cart. But all of them were powerless against the protection delivered by a skillful hand.

Let’s remember the Gogol “Viy” created on the basis of national legends: no evil spirits could get into the circle outlined by Homa — until once drunk Homa didn’t erase border…

Also others used ancient knowledge: according to the legend, the famous Thomas Aquinas who learned magic from Albert Veliky buried at the house the copper horse who is specially cast for this purpose then any vehicle didn’t pass under its windows any more and no noise distracted it from thoughts.

References of absolute obstacles can be found even in the Old Testament (Chisl 22:20 — 33): Valaam to which God prohibited to move on a certain road disobeyed, but didn’t manage to forward matter by a single step — at first his she-ass flatly refused to go further, then the way every time was barred by the Angel of the Lord.

Let’s address historical evidences now. About 1720 the general Andrew Jackson somehow decided to make sure with own hand in “tricks of evil spirit” near a farm Bella in Tennessee (USA).

Hardly it approached the bewitched place as “crew wheels as though froze in the earth” and how many attendants of the general whipped horses, those didn’t move a little. Suddenly all clearly heard someone’s voice: “The carriage can go!” — and the crew immediately started.

Sometimes similar walls not only appear and vanish, but also “breathe”, that is change the geometry. Many cases when invisible forces unexpectedly begin to press on cars are known and those are forced to turn sharply aside.

Such incidents much in April-May, 1927 was noted. In Sanberi (Ontario, Canada) Mrs. Celina Legris so described the feelings in police: “Some invisible force lifted my machine and with a force threw it for the axial line…”

A certain Parisian at the beginning of the 20th century complained to the judge that invisible force forces it to fall by all fours every time when it enters the apartment. Having accepted the woman for the madwoman, the court detained her, and to the apartment sent the official. However the uncle, the nephew and the woman’s neighbors word for word confirmed her words.

The concierge “finished” court such indications: “I thought, my residents mad, but when I to them entered, found out that I go on all fours!”

The magistrate treated in the most attentive way unusual history and ordered to carry out in all rooms… disinfection. It seems, after residents were sprinkled with bleaching powder, at them desire to complain of the mysterious phenomena was gone.

“Repellent” places

The Romanian scientists try to solve several years one secret. They became interested in the strange things occurring near the hill Megure near Bacau. A few years ago there found a big treasure (2000 silver coins of an era of the Roman emperor Traian), then noticed over Megure (in Romanian — “barrow”) a mysterious blue flame.

And after that unknown force began to push out cars from the foot of the hill. The correspondent of the local weekly of “Shouting” wrote: “The cowl of the car rose as if from action of a mighty underground spring, and the car went back, to hill top!.”

The similar place, claim, exists also in China, in the Uigur autonomous county of the northwest Province of Gansu. The check executed by professor of Lanchzhousky university Fang Xiaomingom confirmed that on accurately certain site all round objects are expensive 60 m long, cars with the switched-off engines spontaneously move up. Even water flows uphill with an inclination in 15 degrees.

According to stories of old men, strange places where unknown force follows ways torn to secret knowledge, exist in many countries. Travelers come across on suddenly the “air” becoming elastic. The daredevils after all getting inside back don’t get out any more.

If mentally to address fairy tales, then “The stone flower” of P. Bazhov where Danila master through all obstacles at first is torn to the Hostess of the Copper mountain occurs at once, and then tries to leave her.

What behind walls?

Constantly remind us that in fairy tales only a hint that an invisible hail Kitezh and other mysterious kingdoms aren’t found yet.

There is a set of legends and versions about Shambhala — the far-away country in the Tibetan mountains, and all of them meet in one: Shambhala is separated from the rest of the world by a transparent power wall which the angry or unprepared person can’t overcome. There live highly moral Saint people surpassing us in spiritual development, preaching the good and the world exerting impact nearly for the whole world there.

Whether it is necessary to say that all attempts of numerous expeditions to find this bewitched place weren’t crowned with success? Travelers saw a mysterious luminescence, fires, fiery UFOs, heard someone’s voices.

Intuition prompted that a solution somewhere nearby, perhaps a stone’s throw away, but… something stirred every time and people came back with anything. Though, perhaps, someone also achieved the objectives, and some have even returned back and live among us, but for obvious reasons these people are silent.

What is hidden by fairies, devils, sorcerers — as soon as called builders of “castles in the air” — and newcomers behind the invisible walls?

That our ephemeral neighbors in the Universe behind reliable fencings create: build of high energiya of the house, extract minerals, conduct scientific research, watch our behavior or, maybe, have just a rest or are engaged in such affairs which name isn’t present in our languages?

Alas, this question mostly rhetorical. The people who have come back from that party of walls, though much more, than “made happy with Shambhala”, but they “saw nothing, heard nothing”.

Perhaps therefore violators were also let out what they haven’t managed to go too far? Or him have managed to erase memory?

In a word, fencings, on which it isn’t written “To strangers, the entrance is prohibited” continue to keep the secrets and strangers don’t pass. Strangers are we. People who began to guess only recently that on Earth they not one and not the first…

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Harem King

No, I know who built the megaliths. It was not “aliens” and anyone who says that primitive tribes built sites like Nan Madol should have their genetic lineage castrated and right to speech revoked. Nan Madol is a particulary interesting example, even moreso than Puma Punku, as in South America the largest beast of burden was and is the alpaca, but in the Pacific Ocean, there is no beast of burden, and it is impossible to move such massive basaltic (possibly quartzite) stones unless by extraordinary means. Carl Sagan was highly skeptical of many things, saying “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, but the megaliths are not some fanciful anecdote — they are a tangible reality; they themselves — the megaliths — are the ones making the extraordinary claims, and they themselves are the extraordinary evidence.

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