Poltergeist in an American restaurant

Employees of the restaurant in the Californian city of Ventura believe that a ghost settled in the institution.

One of the cafe workers said that, having come to work in the morning, he found one of the chairs lying on the floor. The man checked the records from the hidden cameras and saw that the chair had fallen by itself.

The second incident occurred in broad daylight – one of the visitors to the restaurant noticed that the furniture was moving in the room. This trick of the “ghost” also hit the camera’s surveillance lens.

“This is very strange, we have been working for 27 years and have never faced such a thing,” says co-owner of the establishment Dave Folds. According to him, the restaurant staff blames the first “spirits” for all the visitors who died 25 years ago.

Customers of the cafe are not worried because of the raging “ghost”. “I do not care at all, the main thing is that he does not move the chair I’m sitting on,” said one of them.

YouTube users, however, do not believe in the restaurant staff. In the comments to the video, many call him a fake and accuse the owners of the cafe of wanting to attract customers.

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This is the ghost of a conservative. California has become a cesspool of liberalism, political correctness and left wing extremism, the poltergeist probably could not take anymore.

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