Qaeda Uber – Shocking predictions of the successor of Vanga

Prediction young French girls discuss all over the world. The birth of his successor foretold at the time, she great Wang. Qaeda, Uber claims to know everything that happens in the world in the coming years.

The girl told about the fate of humanity, the main political processes of Russia and the world and the global problems that will surge in the near future.

Appears terrible disease, from which there will be drugs. Its spread, the disease will start with Hong Kong, after which the virus spread to the whole world. She advises not to travel to Southeast Asia in January and February 2017.

Qaeda said that in the near future, the world is waiting for a new high-profile terrorist attacks, which killed many people. According to her, the next terrorist attack happens in the United States.

Qaeda Uber: “People will be killed. It will be a lot of blood. It will happen in four months. There will be a lot of people dead”.

The young prophetess had also given its response to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. According to the girl, Clinton is in a lot of stress and “by the woman there is always a doctor who treats”. According to the young French healer, Clinton’s got a whole bunch of diseases. Despite this, according to Qaeda, Clinton will overtake trump in struggle for a post of the President of the United States.

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