Rectangular UFO over Brooklyn

Resident Brooklyn (New York), coming out at 8 am on May 3, 2017 on the balcony of his apartment, noticed in the sky a large rectangular UFO.

The local resident was completely perplexed, for he could not at all find a rational explanation for what was happening and understand how a large dark gray object with regular geometric shapes could move freely through the air.

About 15 minutes, while the “suitcase” was hovering over the roofs of the houses at a height of just over 10 meters, the eyewitness determined that the strange aircraft did not fit in any way with the outline of the military transport helicopter with the long-range Boeing CH-47 Chinook, fuselage.

In addition, the unidentified object moved absolutely silently, as if afraid to disturb the awakening inhabitants of the most populous area of ​​the city of New York.

The observer with the help of a mobile phone made some pretty successful photos, which he sent to the World UFO Network (MUFON) with the only question: “What is it?”