Reincarnation: truth or fiction

If you carefully read the myths and legends of different nations of the world, you can notice one feature. In every mythology there is the reincarnation of heroes. That is, in the legends it is said directly that the person’s life path does not end with his death, but continues in other bodies. These reincarnations of the soul of man occur constantly over millions of years.

But if you are born like a baobab like a tree,

Hindus, for example, believe that the soul enters the body of the born without any memories of past lives. Knowing the immortality of the soul, they die in the following way. Feeling that it is time to leave the body, the Indian yogi convokes friends and relatives to his deathbed, quietly spends with them, appointing a meeting in the next lives and quietly leaving the body.

Hindus believe that the soul of a person after death gets the body that deserves. People are evil, envious, cruel, for example, can get the body of a stray dog ​​or even a plant. But this can only be a representation of people about the triumph of justice.

What is really happening?

There is ample evidence of how a person recalled who he was in a past life. And these memories were confirmed. But this, rather, anomalies. An ordinary person does not remember who he was in a previous life. But in the subconsciousness all information about who you were in vulgar life and what happened to you is saved.

Secret lists of Egyptian priests

In order to try to find out about your past life, you can resort to simple calculations with help on various tables, for example, Howard Karth, the archaeologist, which he compiled on the basis of the tables and lists of Egyptian priests that he had discovered. These tables can tell you about who you were in a past life, a man or a woman, your profession, place of residence and for what purpose you returned to this world.

But in fact, these tables do not cover the whole range of human aspirations and desires and reflect, rather, ideas about the lives of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt and the interpretation of the map itself.

Your past lives – in your memory

So let’s try to revive memories of your vulgar lives in the following way: get memories of them from your subconscious where they are stored. To do this, let’s go comfortably, relax and begin to ask ourselves simple questions. Ask yourself, in which part of the world you would like to live. You will surely slip any answer, even the most unexpected one. For example, Africa. Ask yourself which part of Africa you would like to live in.

You are sure to stir something inside, catch this moment. Then, in the same way, find out the country and the city. Then proceed to clarify the year of stay on earth. Ask yourself, when does this happen? 100 years ago? 200? And so on. You already partially got information from your subconscious about your past life, at least one. Further knowledge will come to you by itself.

All this time you will be here, at home, in a soft armchair. After a communication session with your subconscious mind, get up, walk around the room and feel yourself at home. The only thing is that after asking all the questions, write them down on paper and read it somehow at your leisure.

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