“Spirits of nature” for 9 days captivated tourist in the jungle of Bolivia

25-year-old Chilean citizen Mikul Koroseo Acuña in February 2017 decided to visit the Madidi National Park in Bolivia and go along the Tuichi River (Amazon basin) along the route offered by the travel company Max Adventures. However, something went wrong and he was lost in the jungle.

People for a few days looking for a guy, but without success. Nine days later, they accidentally heard his screams on the river bank a mile from the camp. The rescued said that he survived only because he was “following a pack of monkeys.”

The history of the guy tells the site National Geographic.

According to the representative of the travel agency, the group, in which entered Mikul, went for a day in the jungle. Mikul after the first exploratory visit to the jungle was clearly excited and behaved “a bit strange.”

The Saved Mikul of Acunya

After that, a group of tourists had to visit the forest hut, where the ceremonial ritual of veneration of Mother Nature – Pachamama was held. The ritual used coca leaves, candles and cigarettes. According to the signs, without this ritual, the “spirits of nature” will not let people into their forest.

Mikul somehow refused to go with everyone in the hut. After the ceremony was over and people went along the route to the forest, the guide noticed the disappearance of Mikul. It seemed that he seemed to have vanished into the air, since people had seen him only five minutes ago, and then no one had seen him.

The members of the group searched everything around, but did not find it. Then, for his search, even involved local shamans who were supposed to “talk to his soul”, using for this his sock, which was found in the thickets.

Head of the travel agency Max Adventures Faisar Nava is convinced that Acuña was punished for his disrespectful attitude to the spirit of Mother Nature, for refusing to attend the ceremony. According to Nava, the evil spirit of duende attacked Akuna and concealed it in another dimension.

“This is our culture and we believe in such things,” Nawa told National Geographic, “we believe that the duand is real.”

Duende – characters of Spanish and Portuguese folklore. In many ways similar to the fairy-tale characters of other countries: gnomes, goblins, brownies. These are supernatural beings. They can become invisible, and also change the appearance. Bolivia was conquered by the Spanish conquistadors and it is not surprising that the characters from the Spanish folk tales are popular here.

Rangers of the National Park searched for the missing tourist for six days. But all they found was his dirty sock, which the invited local shamans used in their ritual. The shamans held several ceremonies to “take the Acuña out of another dimension,” where he allegedly was in captivity.

Meanwhile, the chances of Mikul’s survival in the jungle were decreasing. With him he had only a small supply of food and water, and locals in the jungle can find food and suitable water, but not tourists.

But finally, nine days after the loss, the Rangers heard the screams of a man from the other side of the river, just a mile from their camp, and discovered that this was the missing Mikul Akuna.

The guy was heavily bitten by insects and scratched with spines, and his legs were swollen. He was weak, but conscious and even joked that he “missed the Coca-Cola.” He said that he was following a pack of monkeys and thus survived in the jungle. According to him, monkeys threw him fruit from the trees, and when he followed them, they led him to drinking water and a shelter for the night.

About all the rest, Akuna spoke very indistinctly. He was able to tell that he was running, then he took off his sandals, then for some reason he threw away his mobile phone and flashlight.

On the night when he was found on the bank of the river, Akuna prayed to God and he believes that it was God who saved him, but does not believe in any spirits of the jungle. And park rangers still remained in their opinion, that he worked duende and lured Akun into another dimension. The more so that Acuña could not confidently tell how exactly he was lost.

The Madidi National Park in Bolivia is famous for the fact that it is easy to pick up a dangerous infection and deadly intestinal parasites, but there has long been no one missing. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what kind of noise there was after the disappearance of the Akuna.

The last time the tourist was lost in Madidi in 1981. It was an Israeli, who was deceived by his fellow traveler and threw one in the jungle. Within three weeks, the tourist survived among biting insects and impenetrable thickets. About his adventures was even filmed the film “Return from Tuichi” (Back from Tuichi).

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