The chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary reappeared 13 years later

The chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary mysteriously reappeared 13 years after it disappeared.

The drawing, which was created in an open parking lot in Monterrey, Mexico, during the 2007 festival celebrations, initially only lasted about three weeks before the chalk worn out to the point where the drawing was no longer visible, and ultimately all about he was forgotten.

Recently, however, locals began to notice that the image reappeared about 13 years after its initial creation, and no one was able to explain how this happened, especially given that the drawing was exposed to the weather and the fact that cars were constantly passing through. on it all this time.

Crowds of people flock to the parking lot to see the miracle with their own eyes. Some attribute this phenomenon to divine intervention and leave candles and flowers.

“Do you believe in miracles or not, the question is, how did this image reappear 13 years after its creation?” Says Felix Palomo, director of culture for the municipality of Guadalupe

Until now, no rational explanation has been found for this phenomenon.

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