“The Demon broke free”: a creepy find in the wall of a house that had been there for more than 40 years

Old houses have always been an object of interest to lovers of history and mystery. Sometimes when we start renovations, we may discover unexpected things we’d rather never know. One woman in the U.S. shared a horrifying find she made when she decided to put in an air conditioner.

When she started tearing down the wall, she discovered a painting that had been lying there for over 40 years. It was a portrait of an old man without eyes, painted in oil on a wooden canvas. But the worst part was that on the back of the portrait was a barely noticeable inscription, “An Old Man Called ‘Energy. The portrait itself read “Federick 1972.

The woman immediately posted a photo of the portrait on social networks and was advised to burn the painting along with the house. But she decided to keep it because, in her words, “there’s nothing sinister about it.” Her daughter wasn’t scared either.

When asked if she noticed anything supernatural in the house, she said that she “grew up with ghosts who sometimes made mischief, but didn’t do any harm.”

This discovery became an object of interest to many people on social media. Many began searching for information about Federica and the “Old Man Called ‘Energy.'” But so far, no one has been able to find any information about these people.

Old houses will always hold the secrets of history and the people who used to live in them. Sometimes when we begin renovations, we may discover unexpected things that make us think about the past.

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