The ghost appeared in the Irish school

School in the Irish city of Cork can rightly be called the most abnormal school in the world. At the beginning of October 2017, a video with paranormal activity that got to the CCTV camera installed in this school ran all over Britain and not only in the media.

On the video frames someone invisible opened school lockers, slammed doors and dropped the plates. The authorities of the school were sure that the blame was all for the violent ghost. All the anomalous events that hit the video took place late at night, when the school was already empty.

On October 26, the Irish Mirror newspaper published a new video from the same school. On it, an invisible bully continues to rowdy. He thunders in the corridor, then rattles chairs away, then throws out someone’s big bag from the top of the locker, then with a force tears off the poster and throws it on the floor, and at the end again moves the chair, this time standing in the front plan, and drags it from the left side to the right.

The school management now does not know how to react to such videos, or believe in ghosts and poltergeists, or consider all this as a joke of students.

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