The most authentic certificates of the paranormal phenomena

To trust or not to trust in supernatural? On the one hand, the paranormal phenomena have no scientific explanation and are outside our understanding.

But on the other hand, how not to believe stories of such solid people as politicians, police officers, the military personnel and other which personally endured meetings with novel. Their certificates can be considered reliable. Though, however, solve.

The levitating grand piano


On one of sessions of spiritism at which there were a president Abraham Lincoln, his spouse Mary Todd Lincoln and several their friends the grand piano has come off a floor and has hanged in air. The president Lincoln and the colonel to Simone Kasya have climbed up a grand piano why that has begun to shake and began to jump up, forcing them to get down. After this case Lincoln has believed in a levitation and considered it the proof of existence of a certain “invisible force”.

Mary Lincoln’s photo with the ghost


After the death of the husband, Mary Todd Lincoln asked the photographer medium to take William Mamlera her picture. Surprisingly, but long before the invention of photoshop Mamleru it was succeeded to create the photo in which the ghost of the president of Lincoln behind his spouse is visible. This photo is stored in library of the city of Fort Wayne, State of Indiana now.

The ghost in police department


The officer Karl Romero who was on duty in police department of the city of Hispaniola, the State of New Mexico monitored images on monitors when he saw an indistinct, white humanoid figure in the protected territory.

Churchill and ghost of Lincoln


During one of visits of the prime minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill to the White House, it was placed in the room in which there was Lincoln bedroom earlier (where still!?). Churchill just left a bathroom, naked and with an invariable cigar in teeth, here he also saw Lincoln ghost – that stood, relying on a fireplace.

According to Churchill, he friendly addressed spirit: “Good evening, mister President. You, apparently, found me in an unseemly type.” In response to it the ghost of Lincoln smiled, and then disappeared.

The UFO over the American-British air base


On December 28, 1980 in Woodbridge, England, the military personnel saw the unidentified flying object of triangular shape. On a covering of the alien ship some texts were engraved, the sergeant James Penniston touched them with a hand. Later he claimed that thus it downloaded some binary code which was stamped at it on the memory.

The person causing a rain


Donnie Dekker fell into a certain similarity of a trance and could cause a rain in rooms. Water dripped from a ceiling, streamed on walls, streams of water could scatter diversely.

To houses with “rain” called the police. Police officers became wet, but could explain nothing. The strange phenomenon with calling of a rain proceeded until the priest didn’t hold a ritual of exile of evil spirit from Donnie.

The ghost on the place of ruins of the World Trade Center in New York


The retired police lieutenant Frank Maher told that he repeatedly watched the strange Afro-American woman dressed in clothes of nurses of times of World War II which held something similar in hand on a tray with bags of coffee and sandwiches.

The mysterious figure always appeared at distance about 50 yards from it, but every time is inexplicable disappeared when he tried to consider it better. Other police officers also said that they saw that woman.

Roswell incident


The history says that the UFO crashed about the city of Roswell in the State of New Mexico, the USA, in July, 1947. In the press there was a startler that to military the flying disk fell into hands. In 24 hours this statement was refuted, having told that the found object was a meteorological balloon.

The officer for public relations lieutenant Walter Haut left written indications where he describes the UFO and bodies of aliens which he saw on the place of the crash. After his death these certificates were published.

UFO and nuclear weapon


The captain Robert Salas serving based on the American Air Force in the State of Montana told about shadowing of the UFO nuclear objects and described an incident when almost all rockets which were on alert failed while over gate of base there was “the big oval shining object”.

Pilot ghost


When the pilot of a biplane of the Royal Air Force Desmond Arthur broke in 1913, the commission of inquiry at first established that accident happened because of the mechanic who didn’t eliminate defect of a wing, but then case was considered again and the mechanic was acquitted, the investigation laid all blame on the pilot. Here then on air base the ghost in which silhouette colleagues recognized Desmond began to appear.

There passed hearing that the ghost is because the died pilot is dissatisfied with the slander said it. Under pressure of the public investigation was resumed and acquitted Desmond. After that the ghost appeared only once and said that he as if smiled.

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