The seminar “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation” was held in the Vatican

The Vatican hosted a week-long seminar on “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation”, in which 250 priests from 50 countries took part. The event took place at the Catholic University of URPA, the cost of participation in the courses on the expulsion of demons began from 300 euros.

It was not only priests, but also ordinary members of the congregation who could enroll in the seminar. To do this, they needed to write a motivation letter, and also attach a written blessing of the confessor to him.

At the lectures, exorcism is viewed from different points of view: anthropological, theological, medical and even from the point of view of neuroscience. The course program is published on the Web.

According to statistics, annually about 500 thousand people in Italy turn to the church with a request to save them or their loved ones from demon possession.

This year, a seminar on exorcism took place in the Vatican for the 13th time.

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